Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey chicosssssssssssssssssssss
I am sending you much love from PERU.
And I am gonna tell you all a little story about my life.
So yesterdy we like...lets go to San Marcos because we are like vagabonds or something haha. So poof poof toot toot off we go
And about an hour away from Cajamarca the poor car is having trouble climbing the mountain and poof! nothing else.
So they decided to suck gasoline out of a pipe. I think it was delicious. Whatever it was that they did it worked because the car moved!
So poof poof toot toot and then we reach San Marcos and go for lunch. Yummy hen soup! And then we drive off and BANG. Flat tire. Hmmm well you wait here with the car and we will roll this tire around the city looking for a tire shop.
Okay great! Waiting wait wait lum de da de doo. Ah ya! Now its fixed! Great
so off we go visit friends little beer and lots of football! Funnn.
Okay its getting late we better go back to Caxa. Off we goo poof poof toot toot dum de da and poof.
Ahhh chicos... I think we have another flat.
Get out the car.
So we look and yup. Flat flat flat. This baby is not moving.
Lets phone everybody we know and beg for help.
Nobody loves us.
Okay so ummmmmm
well lets jack it up and take off the tire and walk. GREAT wonderful where are we? Hmmm dunno well lets follow the road until we hit a place with people!
The stars are really beautiful in the middle of the Andes. Walk walk walk and YESSSSS I SEE A SIGN!!!! MATARA baby we have arrived. So lets look for the tire shop.
I have to pee and I am a woman... okay lets go to this really fancy looking chicken restaurant... how much for the toilet? Free! Score! Ohhhh that means its really RANK! And it is. There is no light... thankfully my cell phone has a light. What a beautiful hole. Well luckily I am getting good at squatting. Great. Well lets go to the tire shop then. Okay lets ask that lady over there. Where is the tire shop? Down the road. Okay great thanks.
The Tire man is on vacation.
Ohhh wonderful.
Hmm lets bug people until someone helps us...
You go search and we will guard the tire.
So they go
and we wait
kinda hungry
okay lets buy chips, munch munch
at least its not cold!!... justtt wait chica!
YES found someone. An hour later. Okay lets go.
But he has no tools
they are blunt.
And then
AN AXE! This could work. Nope.
Well keep trying boys use that muscle!
okay lets go and look for some better tools.. Wesley has friends here... they are on vacations too.
Is everybody in this country on vacation!
okay well
lets try again with the axe- so off we go. And finallyyyy someone takes pity and brings us a pickaxe type of deal. And finally it works. And we fix the two holes. And blow up the tire. Anddddd
it blows up wonky
okay lets take it out and try again
and then
its about 80% good lets go!
Hey guys,,,, wouldnt it be funny if someone had robbed the car while we were here with the tire?
Yes Gemma. That would be really funny.
Who is this weird foreigner anyway.
This is a great celebration of the day of friend. Here there is a day for everybody I swear. Teachers Day on Tuesday. I still have to work. And I have to pay for the lunch we are having! cheappp!

where is the car? It seemed closer than this.

OHHH there it is! And the battery... nothing.
Ok get out and push and shine a light in front of the car so we dont roll off the mountain. Good good
BRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM finallyyyyyyyyyyyy!
And we came home.

Well chicos apart from that I am working lots having a blast. Trujillo last week was the maximum it was gorgeous I went to the beach found Brandy her shot glass and visisted some ruins. I think I will travel to Chiclayo next Saturday night because last year I didnt get to see much of the city since we went for a conference. I would like to see the beach there too.
Take care lovelies! xxxxxxxxxx