Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey chicosssssssssssssssssssss
I am sending you much love from PERU.
And I am gonna tell you all a little story about my life.
So yesterdy we like...lets go to San Marcos because we are like vagabonds or something haha. So poof poof toot toot off we go
And about an hour away from Cajamarca the poor car is having trouble climbing the mountain and poof! nothing else.
So they decided to suck gasoline out of a pipe. I think it was delicious. Whatever it was that they did it worked because the car moved!
So poof poof toot toot and then we reach San Marcos and go for lunch. Yummy hen soup! And then we drive off and BANG. Flat tire. Hmmm well you wait here with the car and we will roll this tire around the city looking for a tire shop.
Okay great! Waiting wait wait lum de da de doo. Ah ya! Now its fixed! Great
so off we go visit friends little beer and lots of football! Funnn.
Okay its getting late we better go back to Caxa. Off we goo poof poof toot toot dum de da and poof.
Ahhh chicos... I think we have another flat.
Get out the car.
So we look and yup. Flat flat flat. This baby is not moving.
Lets phone everybody we know and beg for help.
Nobody loves us.
Okay so ummmmmm
well lets jack it up and take off the tire and walk. GREAT wonderful where are we? Hmmm dunno well lets follow the road until we hit a place with people!
The stars are really beautiful in the middle of the Andes. Walk walk walk and YESSSSS I SEE A SIGN!!!! MATARA baby we have arrived. So lets look for the tire shop.
I have to pee and I am a woman... okay lets go to this really fancy looking chicken restaurant... how much for the toilet? Free! Score! Ohhhh that means its really RANK! And it is. There is no light... thankfully my cell phone has a light. What a beautiful hole. Well luckily I am getting good at squatting. Great. Well lets go to the tire shop then. Okay lets ask that lady over there. Where is the tire shop? Down the road. Okay great thanks.
The Tire man is on vacation.
Ohhh wonderful.
Hmm lets bug people until someone helps us...
You go search and we will guard the tire.
So they go
and we wait
kinda hungry
okay lets buy chips, munch munch
at least its not cold!!... justtt wait chica!
YES found someone. An hour later. Okay lets go.
But he has no tools
they are blunt.
And then
AN AXE! This could work. Nope.
Well keep trying boys use that muscle!
okay lets go and look for some better tools.. Wesley has friends here... they are on vacations too.
Is everybody in this country on vacation!
okay well
lets try again with the axe- so off we go. And finallyyyy someone takes pity and brings us a pickaxe type of deal. And finally it works. And we fix the two holes. And blow up the tire. Anddddd
it blows up wonky
okay lets take it out and try again
and then
its about 80% good lets go!
Hey guys,,,, wouldnt it be funny if someone had robbed the car while we were here with the tire?
Yes Gemma. That would be really funny.
Who is this weird foreigner anyway.
This is a great celebration of the day of friend. Here there is a day for everybody I swear. Teachers Day on Tuesday. I still have to work. And I have to pay for the lunch we are having! cheappp!

where is the car? It seemed closer than this.

OHHH there it is! And the battery... nothing.
Ok get out and push and shine a light in front of the car so we dont roll off the mountain. Good good
BRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM finallyyyyyyyyyyyy!
And we came home.

Well chicos apart from that I am working lots having a blast. Trujillo last week was the maximum it was gorgeous I went to the beach found Brandy her shot glass and visisted some ruins. I think I will travel to Chiclayo next Saturday night because last year I didnt get to see much of the city since we went for a conference. I would like to see the beach there too.
Take care lovelies! xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long time no posting!

WOW I have been SO busy sorry for neglecting you folks!
Hmmm well I have visited La Colpa which is a cool place with like 200 cows and all of them know their own names. The man is like ¨Princesa¨ and he cracks his whip and she comes running around the corner and into her stall with her name to eat. It is really pretty cool!
Well I have put lots of pictures on facebook its fast so you can check them out if you want proof that I am still living haha.
The past Sunday I went to Cumbemayo its a beautiful place we walked most of the way there (we travelled via back of a truck with many other people partway) and all the way back. LOTS OF WALKING my poor nose and head got a little burnt.
I have lots of classes yesterday I went early to teach a remedial advanced 4 class with one student which was kind of funny because it was one on one for 2 hours.
On Saturday I have to give a workshop to all the teachers and I am kind of nervous!
Well I have been watching the world cup a lot and SPAIN LOST this morning way to go Switzerland! I was very depressed with England´s performance on Saturday. I watched the inaugaration and first two matches on Friday while doing other things but I was so excited I wanna be in South Africa. But I know that being here is pretty awesome too!
In two weeks I am gonna travel to Trujillo for a day its about 8 hours away and there is beach wooooo should be fun!
Yesterday morning I went with Rosa to her program in Alta Miraflores and its really pretty because the view is nice and its on top of a hill. She had a meeting with the parents and they looked at me like I was an alien from another planet which may actually be true hmmm but many of them have never even been to Cajamarca. Its about half an hour away.
I have finally checked out what everyone tells me is the nicest club in town El Diablo and it was okay but after we went to a better one which is like something you see in movies with black and red poofs and sofas and a wooden roof its very sophisticated I liked it!
I won a scholarship! Girl Guides of Canada! Pretty cool!!!!!!!! woooo
Ok more later! take care!

Monday, May 31, 2010


HEY CHICOS! I got my splits back! I feel really healthy and in shape and stuff and am delighted to have my flexibility back.
I am currently on a two day holiday but not really because I spent the whole afternoon marking and just got back from giving all my marks in to ICPNA. And tonight we are having a pyjama party...that is right. And Ana and I are going to share the deepest secrets we have (not likely.!!!)
Today Ana didnt have school and she doesnt tomorrow either. At the end of the week is Corpus Christi which is a religous festival here and should be fun to check out.
Well last night David and I were the judges. We had our own two tables at the front of the room and we had to ask questions and give suggestions and final marks and all that to them. It is called Project Citizen and they were teachers from schools all over Cajamarca concerned about the problem of teenage alcoholism. They had to present the problem, current policies and laws and then their own idea. It was a good experience and a little difficult because it was in Spanish but interesting. Ironically after everything we went to hand out certificates and drank...pisco sour! hahaha
Last night after that I went to supper with my family as they had just got back from Celendin and we went shopping (how ordinary haha) but I love seeing my students out and about it is nice to get hugs from little kids haha.
Saturday night I went out with a couple of nice respectful friends to chat and that was nice.
Jean moved house and its nearer the university! cool!
I got a tattoo!
It´s a little dragon and it says carpe diem.
No. I´m kidding.
Did you jump out of your skin Dad? HAHAHAHA
Since I will probably spend tomorrow preparing the 6 hours of class in a row I have on Wednesday it wont be much of a day off! haha
Hm well I will report more later I have left a few pics for you to peruse! loveeee!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So this morning I successfully tripped over a box in the hallway...1...2...3 times. Lucy the housekeeper thought that was hilarious. Really it was prettyyyy sad!
Well last night one of my classes had their finals and I didnt have to fail anybody! I feel good about that! The rest of my finals will be on Friday and Saturday. Today I don´t have any classes but I just got back from a meeting with my mentor which was useful... I learned a lot. David didn´t show up so it was a private class. Tonight at 6 there is a meeting for all teachers on learning strategies so that should be interesting. Next cycle I will have more classes, I will teach until 10 at night 3 days a week. But that is good because I will get more experience...although I am sad because I am not continuing with the same students and I really like my students. But it will also be good to get to know different students and levels too. I am little worried about my advanced classes because to be honest I am going to be learning some of the grammar at the same time as they are. When you speak a language you dont think about its parts. It is interesting because I am constantly learning too but could be a bit embarrassing if I dont understand something...hmmm lots of preparation time I think.
Well on Monday morning I went to a different poverty program with my mother here near to Llacanora. We had to take 2 combis to arrive there. It is not my favourite way to travel as it is hot and if people smell bad it´s sort of unbearable. And they dont wait for you to sit down before they drive off so you have to grab the pole quickly, time is money right...and I think it is sort of dangerous. I hear they are gonna have another strike on Monday... or I should say I read that on the windows of various public transport... huelga 31 de mayo
Anyway the program only had 6 children and one really bad kid. He was jumping on the table so I told him to get down and he shook his fist at me. Kids aged 3-5. That is bad. Rosa says the program cant continue if there aren´t more children- like they may have to move.
I don´t like the dogs I think they want to bite me.
Haha my Regular 1 class asked if I would be their teacher next cycle and when I said no one student said MISSSS YOU HAVE TO GO IN THERE AND FIGHT FOR US. hahaha. They are lovely. My Regular 15 class said they will miss me. It´s nice to be liked hahaha
On Sunday I am gonna go to Collpa with some collegues to help them practice English in a natural setting and because I wanna see new places. Should be cool!
I would just like to say that Jean has not lost a finger. I just suck at Spanish apparently. He did hurt his hand pretty badly but he is not without a finger.
I went looking for new heels for my skirts because I am a woman and I want new shoes but then I remembered that I dont have any money. HAHAHA. But it was okay because I didnt see any I really wanted. Except one pair but they were reallyyyy pricey.
My laptop is living once again! Que chevere no!? And I have not lost the 2000 songs I have on there nor my documents from Uni.
I love the cake here it is yummmmmmmmmmmy. I am gonna put back on all the weight I have lost but oh well it may be worth it.
Yesterday I went with Rosa to the bank and we stood in line for an hour. Goodness me! But I did see Orlando one of my friends from the Church so that was cool.
Meal times are always fun. Still they introduce new dishes to me...sometimes I am not too keen but I always eat it of course. Some of it is delicious!
My childrens class, typically, was observed just when the children decided to be REALLY noisy! We were doing an exercise where they had to draw each other big and label the body parts and they were so excited so they were really noisy and speaking spanish ohhh dearr me. But anyway. I never claimed to be a childrens teacher. My observation reports for the adults classes are good. Good suggestions and comments. Nobody believes I am 19 so I think that is a good sign! I havent received my feedback from the childrens class so that should be ...uh,....interesting.
What I notice about ICPNA this year is that the teachers are closer and there is more joking and talking between us. It is WAY more organized. We have staff meetings regularly. There are workshops 3 saturdays every month to improve our teaching. We have weekly meetings with our mentors. Last year it was like... hey here´s the books... ok bye! Now they are watching us closely and I think it is good. People are friendlier and for every mistake you make they give a positive comment about something else. I am much happier. Last year my mentor didnt help me at all. She just wrote on my end of year report-without explanation and following a good observation feedback sheet-that my teaching was below level. And I was very angry with her because I asked for help and she gave me nothing. Anyway my students last year got great marks on their exams and they liked me and learned lots so thats the main thing. And I didnt have any complaints from anyone else. I also am not happy with her because she was gossiping with my host mother about how I was so awful to Antonio and how all foreigners treat people here badly which is simply not true I dont believe I have treated anyone here with anything less than the respect due from a teacher...if anything the people here treat foreigners without respect- I make reference to the comments I hear from the men here when I walk down the street, but I dont generalize all the men in peru based on them- anyway Antonio and I are friends and there are no problems between us so I think she should just keep her opinions to herself, that is nothing to do with our job and I do not comment on her private life. Anyway she is in Chiclayo now so no problems. And nobody in Peru knows about my blog and I have not used any names so I think that is okay to say. That is my vent for today. ha
I can now walk really well in high heels but I want some new ones to switch it up a bit. And a new shirt and a new skirt. Hey did I tell you the housekeeper got bleach all over my green shirt so I cant wear it to work because I look ridiculous. It is a shame because I like that shirt. It cost me all of 5 dollars but it was nice. I mean it went well with my skirts. Oh man I am turning into a typical woman talking about clothes like they are important.Okay they are not important I just like to look professional for my job.
Yesterday Ana didnt have school so she was there at lunch so we had ice lollies afterwards like milky ones they were yummmmy!
The other day Rosa asked me to go to the pharmacy and buy her some nail polish remover because she was in a rush so I went and what a palaver! I went and you have to ask one person for what you want. So I was standing there waiting for her to bring it for 10 minutes and then someone told me I had to go to another section to pay. So I paid and she gave me a slip and directed me to another section. So I went there and they had given me the wrong slip because I didnt need any pills- so I had to go back to the pay place and then return with the correct slip and finally they gave me the nail polish remover. I mean this whole process could have been done in 2 minutes. Let´s make things as difficult as possible...
Anyway I am enjoying myself again now that I am not sick and have adapted and I think the next 3 months will be a blast!
Thanks Brandy for the ideas for class!
Take care chicos!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pointless journey and scare back home

Hey chicos!

Well I just got back from San Marcos and I cannot figure out why we went. When we got there we went to the bathroom and came home. I mean it was nice to see the countryside and San Marcos and all the new villages and all that but It seems like a waste of a truck rental and gas to me. It was really bizarre. When we arrived in San Marcos they were by some luck having a festival so there were people dressed up like devils, we didnt stay to watch them dance though because we were in such a rush to go...nowhere? But I did get a picture with them! We went for lunch in LLacanora where I had pork and potatoes and lots of vegetables with weird sauce. The pork was very fatty so I have probably gained back all my weight in one meal. No I am joking. It was interesting on the way home we went to a cheese factory so that was kind of cool. They said to be ready to leave this morning at 8 so I got up at 7 and went to the kitchen and saw their grandad ready to go and he was like ¨ready then?¨ and I was like yup but nobody else is up! Luis and Luis got ready fast but Ana wouldnt get out of bed so we didnt leave until later- could have slept more. Especially as I didnt sleep much the night before---
Because I was so worried about Jean because his best friend sent me a message that he had had a car accident and I had no way to contact him so I didnt know any details. But now I know that he is fine except he has lost one of his fingers. So that was not fun. The accident was in Winnipeg- he was on his way to play with his band. His friend is in much worse shape by the sounds of it. He called me in the middle of the night so I am waiting for more information.
Yesterday I was at ICPNA till 2 because we had a workshop on how to write a lesson plan after our classes. That was just enthralling. I spent my time finding all the spelling mistakes in the presentation. Her English needs a lot of work. Then we had a coffee break. The good thing about it was that I got to know my collegues a little bit more.
This week coming will be finals. I cant believe I have already been here for almost a month. Time flies.
My childrens class was observed on Friday. Not sure what she thought of it though. We were doing a spelling test at the time and about 6 people were late so that complicated things a lot. The spelling test was not part of the book or anything I just decided to start doing daily spelling tests because their spelling is awful. On Thursday at 9 am I have a meeting with David -the American teacher- and our mentor Sarita. That will be interesting.
Last night I went to a youth group religious thing again.It was kind of fun and although maybe I dont agree with the lessons they are at least interesting.
I gave my class another set of homework yesterday. They love me now. HAHA. They might actually learn something though.
Well chicos cheers for your emails and your news!
Take care!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


WOW DUDES there was a TREMOR here and I am SO UPSET because I didn´t feel anything! It was exactly 3 seconds long and I MISSED IT. I was sleeping. What a shame! My collegue said he felt dizzy and then he realized it was a tremor wowwww. Their last tremor was two years ago so I probably am not gonna have another opportunity to experience it. Ohhhh man!!! Nobody in my house felt it- it is earthquake proof apparently- not quite sure how that works though...
I went to observe another class at ICPNA to see how other people approach the method and it was very interesting and informative. I have some new ideas to put into play!
Well this morning I went with Rosa to her new project. She is no longer working in the projects of Cajamarca- now she is working with the programs in Baños Del Inca which is like 5 minutes outside of Cajamarca. The children in the class we visited were ages 3-5 and there was one girl of maybe 13 years who was clearly not well. We spent the morning learning how to crawl to work on coordination. Then we learned about what foods it is good to eat to have a healthy body. Then lunch came and it wasnt very much for all the children. Like maybe 5 people. That was sad. They were not that well behaved and their teacher is not actually qualified to teach but with this program teachers at Davy College (i.e. the resort school in town) are training them so it should improve a lot.
Yeah last night we had a staff meeting again and I understood most of it whoopee. So everyone was invited to my conversation class haha I think I went red. David and I have the special privelege of not having to get the homework we assign to our students approved first. Cool right!
I know there was something I wanted to write about but I have forgotten.
OHHH there is the cutest little kid playing peekaboo with me beside the computerrrr I want a child. But dont worry because I dont have one.
Here I have put a picture of me teaching and also of the kids this morning.
Oh a student said my life is a nude instead of knot! Because knot in Spanish is nudo. HAHAHAHAHA. That was great!
Well my loves I spent all my time uploading pictures!
See you on teh sunny side

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I totally saw a man WHITER THAN ME today. Long langly white legs with short shorts. Not exactly the most attractive man I have ever seen...but he had this gorgeoues Peruvian girlfriend. So if you are having trouble getting a hott date you should come here. hahahaha. That was mean... but the short shorts were not really necessary.
Well today there is a new trainer at the gym so I guess my trainer will be leaving soon- what a shame. My old trainer has come up with this brutal new exercise that I like to call DEATH WHILE LIVING: its like chin ups with leg circulations = PAIN! My new trainer is brutal too. He´s like ¨are you finished- ready to go home?´´ if you stop for more than 40 seconds between exercises. Yeah. And he doesnt let me cheat with any of the exercises. But hey everyone says I look much better now I have lost weight. Although Rosa is telling everyone I barely eat. That is simply not true. I eat a sandwich for breakfast. Soup and main course for lunch. Sandwich for supper. That is plently. Its becuase we alñways eat two carbs at least. Rice is so filling but rice and potatoes? You cant move afterwards!
My class was observed again today- not sure how it went. I think I am kind of mean and strict while I am being observed...
My laptop is gonna cot me about 60-70 dollars to get fixed. Darnit But its the only way they can fix it without deleting all my stuff. And 2000 songs man! I can´t lose them! Plus other vaious important documents!
I now have a locker at ICPNA. Did I already mention that? Number 14. Woohooo haha. In the staff room which nobody uses because its locked unless you ask for permission and also very small.
Tomorrow at 6:45 we have another staff meeting so I hope I understand the Spanish alright!

Well lovelies now I must cut this short because I was webcamming it up with my family and now I gotta head home for supper!
Con amor de Peru xxxxxxxxx

Monday, May 17, 2010

Children improving

Well it might surprise you but I am actually starting to enjoy my childrens class now. They are better behaved. The key is to keep them occupied every second of the class. The sticker chart helped because they all want to win. I still have some rascals in the bunch but I am finding it easier to cope with now. Touch wood it doesn´t change!
Well on Saturdays I am going to start teaching a conversation class to the teachers to help with pronunication and expressions and for some grammar. We had observations where people from Chiclayo came out and viewed our classes and they were very happy with me so that´s good. Tomorrow I have another observation where the 3 mentors are going to evaluate me and I have to teach some grammar so I will have to be very prepared and NOT screw it up and trip over my words!
I am also starting to enjoy one of my advanced classes more now because they are kind of funny sometimes. Asking me to go to the bathroom when I clearly see he wants to talk to his girlfriend standing outside the door! Honestlyyyy I am a student too! I would also like to add that I´m probably younger than most of them HA.
Well on Saturday I hung out with some religious friends and learned parts of the Bible. Then we ate pizza which was nice. My class on Saturday started kinda bad because I had such a sore throat I could barely talk- imagine the difficulties! But somehow by the end of the class I was feeling much better despite my students lack of wanting to volunteer answers. Dear me it was difficult. So I just picked on people to answer questions.
Well now that I am using ICPNAs way of marking exams I never have to fail anyone. We just take two points away from one hundred for each error. The final exams are 25 questions. You cant get less than 50. I have to use their system now I cannot claim ignorance.
I bought a phone card for 10 dollars and it gave me 3 and half hours of conversation time. Great right! I phoned home yesterday so that was nice. In the afternoon I taught a private English class which was good too. I liked the topic because it was to do with humanitarian issues and corruption. My student was amazingly ignorant though. In the evening I set to work marking my exams like a diligent teacher should, as well student workbooks. I have yet more workbooks to mark now. woopeee hahahahaa. No it´s good I like it. Last night I went out for supper with my family as they had returned from Celendin which meant I could sleep in on Sunday morning because Luis and Ana weren´t there to be REALLY LOUD at 7 in morning. I also helped Luis with his English homework. And we went grocery shopping. Wow I sound soooo interesting right now hahahaha.
Oh in one of my classes I wrote ¨The chicken is delicious¨ on the board and my student thought it said ¨The children is delicious¨ (BASIC 1 grammar is not that good) so that was a bit of a laugh.
I enjoy my student´s curiosity about other countries and world issues it makes for interesting conversation.
Also I wasted 15 minutes of my childrens class showing them my money from England, Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Hondurus, and Colombia. They were fascinated. Hahaha
The food contineues to be... heavy. But I am going to the gym. I do arms 3 x a week and legs the other two days and I have lost weight it is great! I just sneezed and the man in the next cubicle said SALUD - bless you-- health- OH here its sweet if you sneeze once they say SALUD- heatlh, twice DINERO-money and three times AMOR-love. awwwwwwwwww I love it.
I have to wear my shorts and skirts so I dont die of heatstroke. It is a lot hotter than last year and it hasnt rained in about a week and they say it won´t. At night it is cool thankfully but during the day! WOW! The global temperature change is notable here it was NOT this hot last year. I cant even wear long sleeved tops in ICPNA or Pants because I sweat SO MUCH... yuck.
Oh yeah today I jumped in a cab and told the guy where to go and he was like... I do not understand you. HAHAHAHAHA. So I told him again slower and he understood. I mean its not really that amusing but I was really amused.
My trainer at the gym is mean and picks on me for sleeping if I rest. I mean lying down doing nothing for 5 minutes is not a crime. I just enjoy the soft mats they have and its better to sleep than do chin ups and all that fun stuff.
Well today I am hopefully going to have my laptop fixed so I can put some pictures on this sucker but I guess we will see.
What else do I have to tell you? I´m just living the life of the average higher class Peruvian (because my family here are not lacking money) and exploring the culture.
And Jean is gonna come and visit me in June! sweeeeet!
Keep leaving me comments and emails lovely to hear from you!
PS:: CHECK OUT THE WOOL!!!!! In Celendin!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Women´s Basketball

So I saw this man, must have been in his 40´s with a green sports shirt which said WOMEN´S BASKETBALL and I just wondered if he had any idea what he was wearing. It made me smile anyway!
Yesterday in class they thought I was 25. Nobody believes I am 19. How strange! Usually people think I am 15! hahaha
Yesterday my childrens class was much better. Not good of course- but better, yes! I still have some annoying children running around like maniacs and reading magazines under the desk and asking to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Last night I found out that there is a woman who I am supposed to call if someone needs to use the washroom so she accompanies them and makes sure they aren´t running around like maniacs. Thanks for letting me know!
Well I actually went to Church on Saturday night and it was actually kind of fun because there was lots of dancing. Like it was all young people and I know it was religious but I enjoyed the dancing and singing part. I didnt enjoy the 30 minute sermon but if nothing else I practiced my Spanish.
Well I dont remember if I already mentioned it but I had a job translating a document. It is actually something really important with potential to change the world so I feel like I am making a difference. It is about a new machine which creates clean electric energy with 0 CO2 emissions and supplies many people in 3rd world countries with electriciy which they did not have before. It is going to be sent to governments for review and implementation. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So that is something pretty cool I think! It also has the potential to supply clean water to people.
On Sunday I went to a fancy restaurant called Pescana with my family here and there was a band playing traditional Peruvian music and then Latin Rock so it was pretty cool! We were there for like 3 hours though and it was raining so we couldn´t go and play football afterwards... we went to Baños Del Inca instead to have dessert- I had Lemon Meringue Pie..yumm!
I bought a phone card to call Mum but it doesnt work- I even bought it at a pharmacy so I should probably go and complain to them about it sometime because it cost 10 dollars and I am cheap- soy tacaña as they keep telling me haha.
I have noticed prices have gone up in the year I have been away.
Well yesterday I went to the gym again but I felt a bit sick afterwards. For lunch I had Tuna and rice so I dont see how I could be sick from that unless the tuna was bad. But classes at ICPNA heal me. I just love teaching there! (usually)
Yesterday I stayed later to prepare my midterm exams for Friday. I keep telling my students it´ll be a blast but they don´t believe me. They say ¨misssssssss¨ ¨teacherrrrrrrr¨ `porqueeeeeeeee?¨ (why)
Well today I have to go at 5:30 to get the feedback of my observation...hmmm. Hopefully that goes okay. I don´t think it can be too bad because I was supposed to get the feedback on saturday but another teacher had a problem so she didnt have time.
Irene the housekeeper from last year called for Mothers Day. She wants to come back. She has left her husband and is living in Lima. Sometimes the big city isnt the best solution.
Well in my Regular 15 class yesterday out of about 20 students only 1 remembered her homework. BAD STUDENTS! I told them they were dreadful. My other classes were better thankfully. Of course I dont quite have the angry teacher face down yet so they dont take me very seriously. They will when I deduct points from their marks for being late! HA!
People keep trying to sell me gum! I do not enjoy that part of being here.
Well I am hoping to have my laptop back from being fixed soon so that I can put some pictures on this baby and liven up your blogging experience!
On Saturday before church I watched Little Man with my siblings here. They love it! ha
Bueno amigos!
Take care!
Cheers for the comments and emails! Love you!
PS: The photo is in Celendin- watch me convert people into Canadians!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day (for tomorrow)

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you lasses with children. hahahahaha
Well its a beautiful day (i.e- it hasnt rained yet although it has been wanting to all day) it is ALWAYS raining here!
well at least once every day anyway.
My afternoon class got cancelled because there arent any students. So I am free. And what I doing this Saturday night? Going to Church. Thats right. Church. On Saturday night.
My dear friend invited me and wants me to go so badly- how could I say no?
Especially after I totally brutalized Rosas Church in front of him only to find that his Church was THE SAME ONE. Way to think before you talk Gemma... ayayay! So my punishment is returning to the Church although today is the young peoples program (ie under 30) so he assures me it will be fun. I will go with an open mind although I really doubt it will touch the fun I usually have on Saturday nights. At least it will be educational.
Well this morning I had 26 students so that was pretty cool and the class was good although they were very quiet and did not seem to want to speak. They were the same class I had last year so it was kind of neat to see them all again. I wish I could say they have improved but i dont think so. There is one other foreigner teaching in ICPNA and he also thinks the standard is not how it should be. We are sharing a class- Advanced 6- who have been studying for about 2 years I believe. They hardly understand me. The level is not where it should be in my opinion. last year I did not teach anything more advanced than Regular 3 which is pretty basic. Now I am teaching Reg.10 and 15 and sharing this advanced class so I see more the weaknesses in the system. I think that some of my lower classes are more advanced than my advanced class.
I have had requests for private classes. On Monday I think I start a conversation class with a couple of women. It should be good. I am also starting to help out a collegue starting Tuesday.
Today I went to davy college to their Mothers Day celebration and I saw 3 students from last year! The mother who studied with her two daughters at ICPNA last year. Now the mother is studying at the University and the daughters at their school. They quit ICPNA after I left. She took my number so I might have scored another private class.
I also was approached by a man in ICPNA to translate an important document about his buisness. Its about physics. Its a bit hard to translate because its very technical but its something new and kind of fun. Hes paying me $9 a page. Coool!
Apparently in July another native speaker is coming. I wonder where from...
Well the cd player in this computer is not working so I am gonna switch to another and work on translating my document. Due monday.
Take Chicos!
PS: The family here and I on Mother´s Day in the nice restaurant!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Doctor says Im well and today I was allowed to eat
arroz verde con pollo- green rice with chicken. Woohoo baby!
Last night I kind of broke the diet and ate cake in secret. shhhhhh.
Well my classes? Today I bough 3 big posterboard sheets and wrote down all 16 childrens names. We are doing stickers for well behaved children. I only gave out 6 stickers today. But I think it might improve on Friday because the ones without stickers were really upset. I hate how I always have whiteboard pen under my fingernails now. You cant get it out without large quantities of soap.
Wow. The attention from men has increased 100x- on monday I wore my professional work dress which happens to be quite trendy I think and walking through the Plaza de Armas... well I tried to be serious and ignore them but I ended up giggling and running in my higheels because it was ridulous. But its okay. All in good humour. Maybe.
My collegues were like... wowwww what did you dooooo you have curvessss what did you take I want some. HAHA it was great to see all the ladies who work at ICPNA again.
Nobody is mistaking me for a Mormon this year. HAHAHA. That was hilarious. Apprently I am attracting students to ICPNA with sex appeal. Sorry Mum and Dad for that statement. My classes are slowing growing... hahaha. Apparently white legs are appreciated here. I am the whitest thing around you can practically see your reflection in my legs! hahaha. One of my students told me I should be an actress today because apprently I am just so bubbly in classes. Well half the time men are looking through my classroom door, man I bet I could get anything I want with these skirts. JOKE JOKE JOKE. I am just very amused. Let me just add something for the most jealous boyfriend in the world (if you arent Jean skip ahead to part B)- amor sabes que eres el solo hombre quien me importa y me haces mucho falta te quiero mucho y espero que vienes muy rapido- esta bacan estar aqui pero sin ti no es el mismo. Llamame esta noche no importa la hora.
hahaha I am so funny.
But really the pen under my fingernails really bothers me so much.
Anyway Im exhausted after my classes.
Yesterday 2 women asked me to give them a private conversation class. I think I shall. It would be good to get to know some females close to my age.Rosanna says I should charge 30 soles an hour but thats 10 dollars and a bit steep I think. More than I earned working at Redwood. HA.
My feet hurt. Darn high heels.
My trainer at the gym is going back to Lima becuase he misses his fiance too much and they dont pay well here. It sucks because he really knows what hes doing. Today I did 40 minutes of arm work. It was brutal. But he is brutal. He told me to stop wining and look at the girl over there- who was lifting like 100 pounds the crazy woman. But my arms hurt. I am PATHETIC: no doubt about it.
Hey did I tell you that Irene doesnt work in the house anymore? They have a new housekeeper or maid or whatever called Lucy. She turns 20 tomorrow but she seems younger to me. Rosa isnt very impressed with her because she cant cook. Irene was better but she stole 1500 soles so that was the end of that.
I am tiredddddd.
I went with Rosa to her Natura thing which is like Avon but way more classy and they gave me a gold necklace (pretty sure its not real gold). I think I am allergic to it though becuaseI have red dots all over my upper chest where it was and a bit on my back too. hmmmm. Or maybe I have the chicken pox. Joke. It doesnt bother me or anything- I just noticed it at the gym when I was checking myself out in the mirror.
Bueno amigos ya es hora para DORMIR
Well friends now its time for me to return to the house and sleep!
Love you and cheers for the comments!
bye xxxx
PS: I´ve lost weight- right? You can tell right? I knew it! :D

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The doctor has me eating
porridge for breakfast
mashed potato and rice for lunch
and for supper also.
ohhh dearme.
Today they are eating STEAK and I am not allowed to have any.
Jr.2 de Mayo 640 Cajamarca Peru
Now Jean is talking to me on msn and playing the guitar and singing to me. Isn´t technology fabulous! haha
Yesterday I started my classes- the children are INSANE. I dont know what I am going to do with them. It was super super awesome to see my old students! Lots of screaming and hugs and all that good stuff ESBABA MUY CHEVERE!!!!!!!
I really like my Regular 15 class as they speak English quite well and we can have intereting conversations. Today I have to teach a VERY advanced class. That should be interesting. I also have a class of teenagers who are pretty good.
I worked out yesterday but I got dizzy because I was sick or whatever.The trainer told me to stop sleeping.HAHAHA. He also laughed when he set me at 10 kg and I changed it to 5 because I am pathetic.
Well gotta go! CHAU CHICOS!
PS: The photo is the library in Jose Galvez that the lady from the Peace Core has helped develop. Cute right!

Monday, May 3, 2010


UGHHHHHHHHHHH you cannot IMAGINE how sick I have been.
Friday I travelled to Celendin and the car ride made me so sick it was weird- like someone had beat me up in the stomach and all my muscles were tight it was like dyinggggg :(
And then I went to sit in the front of the car an BAM. I felt better. Its not surprising I felt sick though as the mud roads wind around the mountains going up and down and you never face the same direction for more than 30 seconds its like the rollar coaster from hell ughhhhhhh. And Friday night I was puking and every other sickness you can imagine I did not sleep. The house in Celendin is set up so that you have to go outside to get to the bathroom and it rained ALL weekend so it was miserableee. I felt better yesterday and when we returned to Caxa we went out for supper. I should explain that I was on a strict diet all weekend after being sick. They knew I was sick because THERE IS NO WATER after midnight till 6 in the morning so the evidence was sitting there still. GROSS. I puked in the sink too because I didnt make it to the toilet in time. I hope you arent eating right now. It{s all a big adventure and I was only upset at the time now I think its amusing. So basically my diet was soup and herbal tea. And I cant drink ANYTHING that isn{t heated. Not even gatorade. Warm gatorade and pills was my breakfast yesterday. Yum.
So I felt better upon arrival and we went out for supper. I decided to be safe and ate spagetti bolognese because I THOUGHT it would settle my stomach. Maybe my mistake was the Pisco Sour. It was good though. Anyway after that I got sick again. So now Im on this diet ALL WEEK. I HAVE TO EAT PORRIDGE AND PILLS FOR BREAKFAST EVERYDAY. No chocolate. No cheese. Nothing that comes from a cow. Nothing greasy. Nothing that I want to eat. No juice even. I drink teas and warmed up water to take my pills. I eat soup for lunch and more soup for supper with soda crackers. It{s sad really, all this great Peruvian food and Im on this diet. At least I might lose some weight. Probably not though. I can still go to the gym luckily.
Today at 430 I start my classes. Wish me luck! I have little children first whom I hope will be cute and not little devils!
Yesterday I played soccer with Luis and I kicked his butt- okay hes 10. But still. hehehe
A surprise for you all. I WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. Rosa really wanted me to go with her. Surprisingly I dislike Church just as much in Spanish as I do in English. Especially this Church. He was all about spreading the word of God and using your house as a temple to convert people. He was like if everyone here converts 10 people imagine how much we could grow. I was not impressed. Half the sermon was about growing the church. It{s a huge buisness as I see. I wont tell you how much Rosa donated. Its a huge amount she donates monthly. I dont like how you have to put your name on the donation. It seems very material to me. I would not like everybody to know how much I donated. Thats not what Church should be about. But what do I know little agnostic that I am. When I decided to try and understand instead of sitting there bored it was interesting what he was saying. It was like a huge production to me. At the end they brought in this band and they sang 2 songs. But I dont like how everyone has to love God first. When I get married my husband better love me first. Thats how it should be. And I dont like how hes all like- God will help you. Wait for Gods help. If you want something in this life you have to do it yourself. Thats how things get done.
Well I guess I shall write more later because I have more to say but I dont have time to say it!
Love you all!
Gemma xxx
PS: This image is just to make your mouth water... green spaghetti and steak yummmm

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You will not believe how rude the people are here. I´m pretty sure that almost EVERYBODY has greeted me ¨HEY' YOU´RE FATTER!¨ so you see why I am going to the gym. They are giving me a complex. But I love their honestness.
I had green soup last night yumm
and Today I had Aji de gallina
it´s like chicken in some yellow sauce which is possibly curry and potatoes and rice and lettuce and an egg
it was good
I didn´t mention this yet but it´s dark SO early here. At like 530. So that´s sad.
I went to ICPNA at 6 for my briefing and ITS BIGGER. They have a library and a whole bunch of new classrooms and A STAFF ROOM. I will have my own LOCKER! wooooo!
I am going to have my own class of children. 5 year olds. Because the parents want their kids to have a native speaker. So here I am. That should be fun.
And I have to teach a conversation class. THERE IS NO CURRICULUM for that class. I can do WHATEVER I want. Any ideas of games or any activity that involves lots of speaking would be appreciated. They have given me a lot more advanced classes this year too. Interesting. I start on Monday so I´m going to Celendin with my family here for the weekend. No internet connection! It was great all the teachers were so excited to see me and it was cool to see them too! And they said I have curves now. HAHAHA. Like I think I have the same curves as last year. Or maybe that was a polite way of saying' you´re fat. HAHA
OH and I´m gonna have my own classroom. Classroom 2. Last year I had to move for every class. This is super cool. Except my childrens class. Because they have classrooms for kids now. With little tables and everything. They must have hit a windfall of cash or something!
Well I have a headache so I´m gonna go home and sleep now!
take care chicos!
PS: My Welcome sign!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


well here I am in CAJAMARCA and it´s a balmy RAINING but not cold at all
So my trip
Well I got to Toronto and sat next to some boring person who stuck in their earphones and ignored me on the plane. Then I went looking for my gate. So I´m walking around and following the signs and suddenly I realise my number isn´t there anymore. So I turn around and walk back a bit and realize its because my gate number points to a wall. So I go to the wall and turn left and see... AN ELEVATOR a hidden elevator THEY ARE USELESS AT PIERSON AIRPORT
yes so I finally got to my gate after walking for hours ( at least 15 minutes) and went to sit down and eat. This lady proceeded to enter the restaurant type of deal and complain that there was nothing to eat. The waitress showed her the menu and she made a huge fuss about how she didn´t like ANYTHING on the menu. So she went to buy a boring sandwich from another place and came back and sat on the table next to mine. She took a bite and... PROCEEDED TO TAKE OUR HER FALSE TEETH AND CLEAN THEM WITH A NAPKIN in front of me. So that put me off my lunch. They were really dirty. ewwwwwwwwwwwww
Anyway so I got on my plane to Lima. I tried to sleep but I didn´t succeed much. I managed to get a little conversatin out of the old man next to me but not much. I did not eat because I didn´t feel good. The flight attendants were kind of snotty. Finally they gave me a gravol but it was too late. I puked my guts out. By some miracle NONE of it got in my hair! OR over another person! That´s the main thing. Just all over the blanket and seatbelt and mostly in the bag. What an elegant puker I am! :D
After I felt better. My bag took AGES to come at Lima I was having a mini heart attack but it arrived. Then I went for pizza and INKA KOLA! yum. But I still had 6 hours till my flight and so I went and waited to check in being in the way off the cleaning crew all the time. I ended up stacking my bags on a cart and curling up on top of my cart. People thought I was funny. ha.
So I was waiting in the airport and Star Peru wasnt even there until 4 in the morning so I was just sitting staring at nothingness. but I did meet some cool people. I met Mr.Peru (no joke) on his way to Panama for the Mr.World competition. He´s a tad arrogant but it was good to have someone to chat too and not fall asleep.
Then I met a Canadian girl who had stayed many times in the Holiday Inn in Brandon. Small world. We talked about staples and Canadian Tire. THATS how bored I was.
Then I met this strange couple from Florida like stereotypically American with the buttoned up hawaii shirt and hat and all that stuff. It was hilarious. I took a photo of them. He told me I should read this book about two lovers in the jungle. It was strange. hahahaha
Then I had to pay 6.80$ for excesss weight on my baggage. The woman was so apologetic. I was like whatever ! ha
Then I finally got to the gate at like 4- 2.5 hours early for my flight. So I played spider solitaire on my laptop since I couldn´´t snag any internet connections.
And guess what
so I laid down over 3 seats and chilled until 7:15 when finally the plane came. It was good because a bunch of people had given up and left and so I had 3 seats to myself. I got on the plane and zonked out and suddenly I was in Cajamarca!
My adopted family met me at the airport with red roses and it was very nice!
And they had a little banner here at the house and sprayed me with silly string hahaha they are lovely.
I have just finished organizing my stuff and soon will commence gift giving!
Gemma xxxxxxxxxx
PS: The photo is Rosa and I in the Plaza De Armas in Celendin- check out the approaching rain..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

16 days!

WOW time has FLOWN

Sooo yes soon I am off to the magical world of Spanish people

But first I chose to procrastinate my second research paper due on Monday as much as possible because I SO don't want to do it. But the longer I wait... well I'm sure you've been there.
I went to Son Latino last night and Cassandra and I danced the Macerena with the
band on the stage. HAHAHA I am such a child.

I have already got my insurance and my money so I'm good to gooooo!

See you soon! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

52 Days

So I am sitting in the cold basement of my University- the only spot where I could find a wireless connection- reflecting on the fact that in less than 2 months I will be amoung my crazy and awesome Cajamarcino lovlies :)

And also to share with you all the honour I feel at winning Young Women of Distinction last night even though I may simply be distinctly insane ahahahahaa

One month and a half of essays and exams and then FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Plus I get to leave my job and go and do something I actually want to do!

ahhh Cajamarca estoy emocionada y agitada verte otra vezzzzzz jejejeje
Una lista de cosas que extrano de Peru:
1) PEOPLE! mi familia adoptiva y mis estudiantes y amigos y la gente en general
3) Inca Cola
4) las discotecas
5) la musica
6) Santa Apolonia
7) Banos del Inca...mmmm que ricooo la agua por alla!
8) Ensenando ingles
9) Chauffa
10)Lomo saltado
11)MOTOTAXIS y COMBIS (pues.. de verdad no me gusta los combis jajaja pero me gusta la idea de combis)
12)El gimnasio... mi pobre estomago ayayay
13)Caminado en general
14)La Plaza de Armas
15) Quinde. Pues.. no es muy especial... solo me gusta ver el gente :)

SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010



So guess what---
I leave April 26th and I am SO EXCITED!!
It should be even better this time because my Spanish is much improved and I know lots more people and they want to show me more of their country. Should be good! I might even get to ride a donkey- who knows?! haha

I will imposing my insanity upon Peru for 4 months and I hope to be fluent in Spanish by the end of it- would be good :)

Anoche he comprado mi pasaje por PERU!
Voy a estar en Cajamarca el 26 de abril y ESTOY MUY EMOCIONADA!

Puedo hablar la lengua mejor ahora y tambien tengo mas amigos. Ojala que voy a conocer mas de Peru y tal vez voy a montar un borro! Vamos a ver! jaja

Ojala que estas listo porque voy a estar en Peru por 4 meses! Espero que voy a aprender mucho mas del idioma.

And afterwards I'm going to write a book.
Y despues voy a escribir una novela.


99 days!

chau amigos! xxx