Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You will not believe how rude the people are here. I´m pretty sure that almost EVERYBODY has greeted me ¨HEY' YOU´RE FATTER!¨ so you see why I am going to the gym. They are giving me a complex. But I love their honestness.
I had green soup last night yumm
and Today I had Aji de gallina
it´s like chicken in some yellow sauce which is possibly curry and potatoes and rice and lettuce and an egg
it was good
I didn´t mention this yet but it´s dark SO early here. At like 530. So that´s sad.
I went to ICPNA at 6 for my briefing and ITS BIGGER. They have a library and a whole bunch of new classrooms and A STAFF ROOM. I will have my own LOCKER! wooooo!
I am going to have my own class of children. 5 year olds. Because the parents want their kids to have a native speaker. So here I am. That should be fun.
And I have to teach a conversation class. THERE IS NO CURRICULUM for that class. I can do WHATEVER I want. Any ideas of games or any activity that involves lots of speaking would be appreciated. They have given me a lot more advanced classes this year too. Interesting. I start on Monday so I´m going to Celendin with my family here for the weekend. No internet connection! It was great all the teachers were so excited to see me and it was cool to see them too! And they said I have curves now. HAHAHA. Like I think I have the same curves as last year. Or maybe that was a polite way of saying' you´re fat. HAHA
OH and I´m gonna have my own classroom. Classroom 2. Last year I had to move for every class. This is super cool. Except my childrens class. Because they have classrooms for kids now. With little tables and everything. They must have hit a windfall of cash or something!
Well I have a headache so I´m gonna go home and sleep now!
take care chicos!
PS: My Welcome sign!


  1. So I'm assuming when you come back you'll be ready for the Ms. Olympia contest? A photo I took from a time machine adventure a few months in the future:

    For the conversation class.... I suggest.... mad libs! Or a treasure hunt with riddle-like clues written in english?

  2. ayayay! I hope I´m not gonna be joining any contest which makes you look like that! Don´t worry I´m eating way too much!
    Treasure hunt. Right. In my classroom? I dont have mad libs either. But cheers for the ideas!
    Take care!

  3. Fiiiine.... :P

    And if ur gonna get muscle like that you HAVE to eat a lot m'dear. You just also HAVE to take a lot of steroids and pump irons 24/7 :P