Tuesday, April 27, 2010


well here I am in CAJAMARCA and it´s a balmy RAINING but not cold at all
So my trip
Well I got to Toronto and sat next to some boring person who stuck in their earphones and ignored me on the plane. Then I went looking for my gate. So I´m walking around and following the signs and suddenly I realise my number isn´t there anymore. So I turn around and walk back a bit and realize its because my gate number points to a wall. So I go to the wall and turn left and see... AN ELEVATOR a hidden elevator THEY ARE USELESS AT PIERSON AIRPORT
yes so I finally got to my gate after walking for hours ( at least 15 minutes) and went to sit down and eat. This lady proceeded to enter the restaurant type of deal and complain that there was nothing to eat. The waitress showed her the menu and she made a huge fuss about how she didn´t like ANYTHING on the menu. So she went to buy a boring sandwich from another place and came back and sat on the table next to mine. She took a bite and... PROCEEDED TO TAKE OUR HER FALSE TEETH AND CLEAN THEM WITH A NAPKIN in front of me. So that put me off my lunch. They were really dirty. ewwwwwwwwwwwww
Anyway so I got on my plane to Lima. I tried to sleep but I didn´t succeed much. I managed to get a little conversatin out of the old man next to me but not much. I did not eat because I didn´t feel good. The flight attendants were kind of snotty. Finally they gave me a gravol but it was too late. I puked my guts out. By some miracle NONE of it got in my hair! OR over another person! That´s the main thing. Just all over the blanket and seatbelt and mostly in the bag. What an elegant puker I am! :D
After I felt better. My bag took AGES to come at Lima I was having a mini heart attack but it arrived. Then I went for pizza and INKA KOLA! yum. But I still had 6 hours till my flight and so I went and waited to check in being in the way off the cleaning crew all the time. I ended up stacking my bags on a cart and curling up on top of my cart. People thought I was funny. ha.
So I was waiting in the airport and Star Peru wasnt even there until 4 in the morning so I was just sitting staring at nothingness. but I did meet some cool people. I met Mr.Peru (no joke) on his way to Panama for the Mr.World competition. He´s a tad arrogant but it was good to have someone to chat too and not fall asleep.
Then I met a Canadian girl who had stayed many times in the Holiday Inn in Brandon. Small world. We talked about staples and Canadian Tire. THATS how bored I was.
Then I met this strange couple from Florida like stereotypically American with the buttoned up hawaii shirt and hat and all that stuff. It was hilarious. I took a photo of them. He told me I should read this book about two lovers in the jungle. It was strange. hahahaha
Then I had to pay 6.80$ for excesss weight on my baggage. The woman was so apologetic. I was like whatever ! ha
Then I finally got to the gate at like 4- 2.5 hours early for my flight. So I played spider solitaire on my laptop since I couldn´´t snag any internet connections.
And guess what
so I laid down over 3 seats and chilled until 7:15 when finally the plane came. It was good because a bunch of people had given up and left and so I had 3 seats to myself. I got on the plane and zonked out and suddenly I was in Cajamarca!
My adopted family met me at the airport with red roses and it was very nice!
And they had a little banner here at the house and sprayed me with silly string hahaha they are lovely.
I have just finished organizing my stuff and soon will commence gift giving!
Gemma xxxxxxxxxx
PS: The photo is Rosa and I in the Plaza De Armas in Celendin- check out the approaching rain..


  1. Yay for Cajamarca!
    I think it is quite interesting that you strike up conversation with complete strangers on your travels, but you are so quiet the rest of the time. You are simply adorable!
    I am happy that you are there safe and sound! On a side note, that I am sure you won't be bothered with - I have the reading list for Can Novel. Ha!
    O - and my souvenir request this time is a shot glass (I collect them)!

  2. Oh what are we reading in Canadian novel! Of course I am interested!
    Hahaha true
    School and work stress me out into quietness
    The search for the best shot glass in Caxa begins!
    Take care!

  3. Ok you asked for it:
    First Term
    Duncan, Sara Jeannette. Set in Authority.
    Ondaatje, Michael. The English Patient.
    Hodgins, Jack. The Invention of the World.
    Cole, Trevor. The Fearsome Particles.
    Roy, Gabrielle. Where Nests the Water Hen.
    Richler, Mordecai. Solomon Gursky Was Here.

    Second Term
    Vonarburg, Élisabeth. The Maerlande Chronicles.
    Shields, Carol. The Stone Diaries.
    Leacock, Stephen. Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town.
    Kavanagh, Patrick. Gaff Topsails.
    Boyden, Joseph. Three Day Road.
    Maharaj, Rabindranath. Homer in Flight.

    There you go! O - and just in case 12 novels wasn't daunting enough - there is a "help" sheet to go along with Gaff Topsails.

  4. I haven´t read any of those yet! ohhh man. Well should be fun! Guess I won´t be bored!

  5. your experience that much every day I'm excited when I read it is like my favorite show