Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And she´s back!

So, here I find myself back in the land of llamas and alpacas, and soups full of animal every body part you can imagine (you know you want to visit Katie!)

My trip from Marseille to Cajamarca took about two days with all the layovers. Way to buy cheap flights Gemma! Cesar had bought my ticket from Lima to here, and when the plane arrived I was like- are you serious? It had 34 seats! So tiny! Considering its size it actually wasn´t that bad for turbulance, although I might just have been so exhausted that I didn´t notice.

We are right back into the swing of things. On Saturday we went to a ¨hair cutting¨ ceremony, which is like a baptism. It´s the first hair cut a baby has. If you cut a piece of hair you have to give some money. Apparently they raised about $1000, but they said that sometimes they can raise as much as 3! There must have been some people with money there. I think that having babies here is profitable, what with the baby shower, the nail cutting and the hair cutting ceremonias. I mean, as long as your friends have money! Also, as is tradition, they murdered about 200 guinea pigs and ingested copius amounts of alcohol for a couple of days.

Cesar took me to this restaurant as you can see in the picture, which looks like a house. I was happy to take a mototaxi, as seen in the second picture, that had a trash can and asks people to throw their garbage in it and not leave it in the taxi or throw it in the river. Actually that part is kind of funny because the river is non existant right now, it´s just a rocky garbage pit that winds its way through the city.

I tried really hard to make some desserts for my friend´s dessert sale. She helps an NGO that rescues street dogs. There is a huge street dog problem here, there are hundreds of them and lots of them are rabid or suffer horribly from having been hit by a car. She says I can help too, so I will keep you posted! First I made cookies but they came out rock solid and tasted extremely strongly of butter. Then I tried to make rice krispie cake without the rice krispies because they don´t have those. Also without the syrup. So that was a bit of a fiasco. In the end I made a banana pudding crumble which I think was okay...they sold it anyway!

Hopefully we are gonna travel this weekend, so then I will have something of interest to write about...maybe! Take care!