Friday, May 2, 2014


Well, I am not going to write about everything because I only have 10 more minutes left to burn here at the Internet cafe. When we arrived in Bogota we went to a hostal I had prebooked online because of all the warnings that Bogota is dangerous and we should be careful. We even took an airport taxi to get there which was so expenive! The streets of Bogota and Cartagena are full of beautiful graffiti which tells stories and colours the streets. Then we took a bus to Cartagena, the walled city. The heat was suffocating for this cold blooded body of mine! We took the local bus from the station to find a hostel and were stuck to the seats by the time we arrived- not to mention it was even hotter inside the bus because they pack them up like sardines! The first night we did´t think much of the area, but the next day we realized we weren´t in the right part. We packed up the stuff and took the bus to teh centre which is BEAUTIFUL. I felt like I was in the old town of Hastings but cleaner. The streets are narrow and full of colour. The city is walled and only taxis and horses and carts can go in (by that I mean no busses). The centre has no graffiti but the zone we stayed in did because it wasnt the historical part. We also visited St. Felipe castle, which was awesome! We decided to fly back to Bogota from Cartagena because the 28 hour bus ride to get there was brutal! This time we took a bus to the district we like, and then just walked around until we found a hostel with rooms. A much cheaper way to do it! I just tried ajiaco, a local dish which was delicious along with feijoa juice, a fruit from the area which I recommend you ever try should you happen to be in the area. TIMES UP! Chau! xxx