Monday, May 3, 2010


UGHHHHHHHHHHH you cannot IMAGINE how sick I have been.
Friday I travelled to Celendin and the car ride made me so sick it was weird- like someone had beat me up in the stomach and all my muscles were tight it was like dyinggggg :(
And then I went to sit in the front of the car an BAM. I felt better. Its not surprising I felt sick though as the mud roads wind around the mountains going up and down and you never face the same direction for more than 30 seconds its like the rollar coaster from hell ughhhhhhh. And Friday night I was puking and every other sickness you can imagine I did not sleep. The house in Celendin is set up so that you have to go outside to get to the bathroom and it rained ALL weekend so it was miserableee. I felt better yesterday and when we returned to Caxa we went out for supper. I should explain that I was on a strict diet all weekend after being sick. They knew I was sick because THERE IS NO WATER after midnight till 6 in the morning so the evidence was sitting there still. GROSS. I puked in the sink too because I didnt make it to the toilet in time. I hope you arent eating right now. It{s all a big adventure and I was only upset at the time now I think its amusing. So basically my diet was soup and herbal tea. And I cant drink ANYTHING that isn{t heated. Not even gatorade. Warm gatorade and pills was my breakfast yesterday. Yum.
So I felt better upon arrival and we went out for supper. I decided to be safe and ate spagetti bolognese because I THOUGHT it would settle my stomach. Maybe my mistake was the Pisco Sour. It was good though. Anyway after that I got sick again. So now Im on this diet ALL WEEK. I HAVE TO EAT PORRIDGE AND PILLS FOR BREAKFAST EVERYDAY. No chocolate. No cheese. Nothing that comes from a cow. Nothing greasy. Nothing that I want to eat. No juice even. I drink teas and warmed up water to take my pills. I eat soup for lunch and more soup for supper with soda crackers. It{s sad really, all this great Peruvian food and Im on this diet. At least I might lose some weight. Probably not though. I can still go to the gym luckily.
Today at 430 I start my classes. Wish me luck! I have little children first whom I hope will be cute and not little devils!
Yesterday I played soccer with Luis and I kicked his butt- okay hes 10. But still. hehehe
A surprise for you all. I WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. Rosa really wanted me to go with her. Surprisingly I dislike Church just as much in Spanish as I do in English. Especially this Church. He was all about spreading the word of God and using your house as a temple to convert people. He was like if everyone here converts 10 people imagine how much we could grow. I was not impressed. Half the sermon was about growing the church. It{s a huge buisness as I see. I wont tell you how much Rosa donated. Its a huge amount she donates monthly. I dont like how you have to put your name on the donation. It seems very material to me. I would not like everybody to know how much I donated. Thats not what Church should be about. But what do I know little agnostic that I am. When I decided to try and understand instead of sitting there bored it was interesting what he was saying. It was like a huge production to me. At the end they brought in this band and they sang 2 songs. But I dont like how everyone has to love God first. When I get married my husband better love me first. Thats how it should be. And I dont like how hes all like- God will help you. Wait for Gods help. If you want something in this life you have to do it yourself. Thats how things get done.
Well I guess I shall write more later because I have more to say but I dont have time to say it!
Love you all!
Gemma xxx
PS: This image is just to make your mouth water... green spaghetti and steak yummmm

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  1. Late comment on this one:

    KUDOS ON THE RANT ABOUT CHURCH! I agree wholeheartedly. :)