Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day (for tomorrow)

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you lasses with children. hahahahaha
Well its a beautiful day (i.e- it hasnt rained yet although it has been wanting to all day) it is ALWAYS raining here!
well at least once every day anyway.
My afternoon class got cancelled because there arent any students. So I am free. And what I doing this Saturday night? Going to Church. Thats right. Church. On Saturday night.
My dear friend invited me and wants me to go so badly- how could I say no?
Especially after I totally brutalized Rosas Church in front of him only to find that his Church was THE SAME ONE. Way to think before you talk Gemma... ayayay! So my punishment is returning to the Church although today is the young peoples program (ie under 30) so he assures me it will be fun. I will go with an open mind although I really doubt it will touch the fun I usually have on Saturday nights. At least it will be educational.
Well this morning I had 26 students so that was pretty cool and the class was good although they were very quiet and did not seem to want to speak. They were the same class I had last year so it was kind of neat to see them all again. I wish I could say they have improved but i dont think so. There is one other foreigner teaching in ICPNA and he also thinks the standard is not how it should be. We are sharing a class- Advanced 6- who have been studying for about 2 years I believe. They hardly understand me. The level is not where it should be in my opinion. last year I did not teach anything more advanced than Regular 3 which is pretty basic. Now I am teaching Reg.10 and 15 and sharing this advanced class so I see more the weaknesses in the system. I think that some of my lower classes are more advanced than my advanced class.
I have had requests for private classes. On Monday I think I start a conversation class with a couple of women. It should be good. I am also starting to help out a collegue starting Tuesday.
Today I went to davy college to their Mothers Day celebration and I saw 3 students from last year! The mother who studied with her two daughters at ICPNA last year. Now the mother is studying at the University and the daughters at their school. They quit ICPNA after I left. She took my number so I might have scored another private class.
I also was approached by a man in ICPNA to translate an important document about his buisness. Its about physics. Its a bit hard to translate because its very technical but its something new and kind of fun. Hes paying me $9 a page. Coool!
Apparently in July another native speaker is coming. I wonder where from...
Well the cd player in this computer is not working so I am gonna switch to another and work on translating my document. Due monday.
Take Chicos!
PS: The family here and I on Mother´s Day in the nice restaurant!


  1. lei tanto que me imajine que era yo el que estaba haciendo todo eso que bueno es leer esto me divierte mucho.... jean

  2. que bueno mi amor que te gusta mucho leer lo que escribo
    yo tambien me gustaria leer algo de puedes escribir un correo...
    te quiero mucho xx