Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Doctor says Im well and today I was allowed to eat
arroz verde con pollo- green rice with chicken. Woohoo baby!
Last night I kind of broke the diet and ate cake in secret. shhhhhh.
Well my classes? Today I bough 3 big posterboard sheets and wrote down all 16 childrens names. We are doing stickers for well behaved children. I only gave out 6 stickers today. But I think it might improve on Friday because the ones without stickers were really upset. I hate how I always have whiteboard pen under my fingernails now. You cant get it out without large quantities of soap.
Wow. The attention from men has increased 100x- on monday I wore my professional work dress which happens to be quite trendy I think and walking through the Plaza de Armas... well I tried to be serious and ignore them but I ended up giggling and running in my higheels because it was ridulous. But its okay. All in good humour. Maybe.
My collegues were like... wowwww what did you dooooo you have curvessss what did you take I want some. HAHA it was great to see all the ladies who work at ICPNA again.
Nobody is mistaking me for a Mormon this year. HAHAHA. That was hilarious. Apprently I am attracting students to ICPNA with sex appeal. Sorry Mum and Dad for that statement. My classes are slowing growing... hahaha. Apparently white legs are appreciated here. I am the whitest thing around you can practically see your reflection in my legs! hahaha. One of my students told me I should be an actress today because apprently I am just so bubbly in classes. Well half the time men are looking through my classroom door, man I bet I could get anything I want with these skirts. JOKE JOKE JOKE. I am just very amused. Let me just add something for the most jealous boyfriend in the world (if you arent Jean skip ahead to part B)- amor sabes que eres el solo hombre quien me importa y me haces mucho falta te quiero mucho y espero que vienes muy rapido- esta bacan estar aqui pero sin ti no es el mismo. Llamame esta noche no importa la hora.
hahaha I am so funny.
But really the pen under my fingernails really bothers me so much.
Anyway Im exhausted after my classes.
Yesterday 2 women asked me to give them a private conversation class. I think I shall. It would be good to get to know some females close to my age.Rosanna says I should charge 30 soles an hour but thats 10 dollars and a bit steep I think. More than I earned working at Redwood. HA.
My feet hurt. Darn high heels.
My trainer at the gym is going back to Lima becuase he misses his fiance too much and they dont pay well here. It sucks because he really knows what hes doing. Today I did 40 minutes of arm work. It was brutal. But he is brutal. He told me to stop wining and look at the girl over there- who was lifting like 100 pounds the crazy woman. But my arms hurt. I am PATHETIC: no doubt about it.
Hey did I tell you that Irene doesnt work in the house anymore? They have a new housekeeper or maid or whatever called Lucy. She turns 20 tomorrow but she seems younger to me. Rosa isnt very impressed with her because she cant cook. Irene was better but she stole 1500 soles so that was the end of that.
I am tiredddddd.
I went with Rosa to her Natura thing which is like Avon but way more classy and they gave me a gold necklace (pretty sure its not real gold). I think I am allergic to it though becuaseI have red dots all over my upper chest where it was and a bit on my back too. hmmmm. Or maybe I have the chicken pox. Joke. It doesnt bother me or anything- I just noticed it at the gym when I was checking myself out in the mirror.
Bueno amigos ya es hora para DORMIR
Well friends now its time for me to return to the house and sleep!
Love you and cheers for the comments!
bye xxxx
PS: I´ve lost weight- right? You can tell right? I knew it! :D


  1. DEFINITELY not gold hun. Gold is hypoallergenic. All the same it would be nice... if you weren't allergic to it.

    But yeah, You were never short in the bubbles!

  2. que divertido fue tu dia y me alegras cuando miro tu pagina en este blog, un poco trizte por que no pude comunicarme con tigo llame a las 300pm despues 600pm despues 930pm despues a las 10:00pm despues a las 11:00pm y no fue posible hablar con la mujer que mas amo en el mundo no sabes cuanto te extraño haaa... te felicito por esta pagina mi favorito .... el hombre mas celoso del mundo jean..

  3. yeah. Shame about the alergy. I´m not hugely into Gold anyway. Silver is prettier.

    Y amor que raro que no puedes communicar conmigo espero que la llamada de mi familia se funciona. Cuidate mi hombre mas celoso y que bueno que disfrutas tanto mi pagina.

  4. Go with platinum! Even if it is "real" gold, it will have to have some other metal in it like Nickel because it won't be 100% gold. I am allergic to it too - same reaction - little red dots!