Monday, May 31, 2010


HEY CHICOS! I got my splits back! I feel really healthy and in shape and stuff and am delighted to have my flexibility back.
I am currently on a two day holiday but not really because I spent the whole afternoon marking and just got back from giving all my marks in to ICPNA. And tonight we are having a pyjama party...that is right. And Ana and I are going to share the deepest secrets we have (not likely.!!!)
Today Ana didnt have school and she doesnt tomorrow either. At the end of the week is Corpus Christi which is a religous festival here and should be fun to check out.
Well last night David and I were the judges. We had our own two tables at the front of the room and we had to ask questions and give suggestions and final marks and all that to them. It is called Project Citizen and they were teachers from schools all over Cajamarca concerned about the problem of teenage alcoholism. They had to present the problem, current policies and laws and then their own idea. It was a good experience and a little difficult because it was in Spanish but interesting. Ironically after everything we went to hand out certificates and drank...pisco sour! hahaha
Last night after that I went to supper with my family as they had just got back from Celendin and we went shopping (how ordinary haha) but I love seeing my students out and about it is nice to get hugs from little kids haha.
Saturday night I went out with a couple of nice respectful friends to chat and that was nice.
Jean moved house and its nearer the university! cool!
I got a tattoo!
It´s a little dragon and it says carpe diem.
No. I´m kidding.
Did you jump out of your skin Dad? HAHAHAHA
Since I will probably spend tomorrow preparing the 6 hours of class in a row I have on Wednesday it wont be much of a day off! haha
Hm well I will report more later I have left a few pics for you to peruse! loveeee!

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  1. ha que tal clase sobre el alcholismo y tomaron al final pisco jajajajaja que divertido te amo mi ormiguita jajajaja j.c.a