Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long time no posting!

WOW I have been SO busy sorry for neglecting you folks!
Hmmm well I have visited La Colpa which is a cool place with like 200 cows and all of them know their own names. The man is like ¨Princesa¨ and he cracks his whip and she comes running around the corner and into her stall with her name to eat. It is really pretty cool!
Well I have put lots of pictures on facebook its fast so you can check them out if you want proof that I am still living haha.
The past Sunday I went to Cumbemayo its a beautiful place we walked most of the way there (we travelled via back of a truck with many other people partway) and all the way back. LOTS OF WALKING my poor nose and head got a little burnt.
I have lots of classes yesterday I went early to teach a remedial advanced 4 class with one student which was kind of funny because it was one on one for 2 hours.
On Saturday I have to give a workshop to all the teachers and I am kind of nervous!
Well I have been watching the world cup a lot and SPAIN LOST this morning way to go Switzerland! I was very depressed with England´s performance on Saturday. I watched the inaugaration and first two matches on Friday while doing other things but I was so excited I wanna be in South Africa. But I know that being here is pretty awesome too!
In two weeks I am gonna travel to Trujillo for a day its about 8 hours away and there is beach wooooo should be fun!
Yesterday morning I went with Rosa to her program in Alta Miraflores and its really pretty because the view is nice and its on top of a hill. She had a meeting with the parents and they looked at me like I was an alien from another planet which may actually be true hmmm but many of them have never even been to Cajamarca. Its about half an hour away.
I have finally checked out what everyone tells me is the nicest club in town El Diablo and it was okay but after we went to a better one which is like something you see in movies with black and red poofs and sofas and a wooden roof its very sophisticated I liked it!
I won a scholarship! Girl Guides of Canada! Pretty cool!!!!!!!! woooo
Ok more later! take care!


  1. I am glad to see that you have only posted twice since I last update myself - ha - I thought I'd be reading for hours. As much as I love reading your blog - I am glad that you are posting less and having fun more! :)
    The club sounds awesome!
    I am soooo jealous that you can do the splits (I am training myself to be able to them).
    I've launched my Dare to Remember page so check it out when you get a chance. O - and think of a dare that you want to do - unless you don't want to, but I really hope everyone in WUSC will do something so we can raise muchos mula! Ha!
    Can't wait to catch up in person.

  2. BRANDY! YOU ARE THE MAXIMUM!!!! That is awesome and you have already raised over 800 dollars.
    Yes I am doing a lot more this year and I am having an awesome time!
    It will be great to catch up in person and I am thinking on ideas for a dare! Take care!