Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I totally saw a man WHITER THAN ME today. Long langly white legs with short shorts. Not exactly the most attractive man I have ever seen...but he had this gorgeoues Peruvian girlfriend. So if you are having trouble getting a hott date you should come here. hahahaha. That was mean... but the short shorts were not really necessary.
Well today there is a new trainer at the gym so I guess my trainer will be leaving soon- what a shame. My old trainer has come up with this brutal new exercise that I like to call DEATH WHILE LIVING: its like chin ups with leg circulations = PAIN! My new trainer is brutal too. He´s like ¨are you finished- ready to go home?´´ if you stop for more than 40 seconds between exercises. Yeah. And he doesnt let me cheat with any of the exercises. But hey everyone says I look much better now I have lost weight. Although Rosa is telling everyone I barely eat. That is simply not true. I eat a sandwich for breakfast. Soup and main course for lunch. Sandwich for supper. That is plently. Its becuase we alñways eat two carbs at least. Rice is so filling but rice and potatoes? You cant move afterwards!
My class was observed again today- not sure how it went. I think I am kind of mean and strict while I am being observed...
My laptop is gonna cot me about 60-70 dollars to get fixed. Darnit But its the only way they can fix it without deleting all my stuff. And 2000 songs man! I can´t lose them! Plus other vaious important documents!
I now have a locker at ICPNA. Did I already mention that? Number 14. Woohooo haha. In the staff room which nobody uses because its locked unless you ask for permission and also very small.
Tomorrow at 6:45 we have another staff meeting so I hope I understand the Spanish alright!

Well lovelies now I must cut this short because I was webcamming it up with my family and now I gotta head home for supper!
Con amor de Peru xxxxxxxxx

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