Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The doctor has me eating
porridge for breakfast
mashed potato and rice for lunch
and for supper also.
ohhh dearme.
Today they are eating STEAK and I am not allowed to have any.
Jr.2 de Mayo 640 Cajamarca Peru
Now Jean is talking to me on msn and playing the guitar and singing to me. Isn´t technology fabulous! haha
Yesterday I started my classes- the children are INSANE. I dont know what I am going to do with them. It was super super awesome to see my old students! Lots of screaming and hugs and all that good stuff ESBABA MUY CHEVERE!!!!!!!
I really like my Regular 15 class as they speak English quite well and we can have intereting conversations. Today I have to teach a VERY advanced class. That should be interesting. I also have a class of teenagers who are pretty good.
I worked out yesterday but I got dizzy because I was sick or whatever.The trainer told me to stop sleeping.HAHAHA. He also laughed when he set me at 10 kg and I changed it to 5 because I am pathetic.
Well gotta go! CHAU CHICOS!
PS: The photo is the library in Jose Galvez that the lady from the Peace Core has helped develop. Cute right!


  1. Careful Gemma - don't work yourself too hard. If you stress out your body working out, it will take longer for it to repair itself from whatever is attacking your stomach. Trust me - I've been through that all too many times.
    I'm trying to think of things for you to do with your young class, but I am really not good with kids AT ALL.

  2. what fun do not know how much I love that I'm interesting jean carlos

  3. Yeah I know children are crazy! Today I am gonna start a sticker chart system with a reward for kids who are good. Another teacher suggested it so I might as well give it a try maybe it will shut them up.
    y amor crees que eres interesante eh? y piensas que yo soy vanidosa? jajaja

  4. Gemma - do you have access to a printer? I have a whole bunch of cool stuff from the Psychology Nursery that would be good for you to use if I can email it to you.

  5. hmmm Im sure I could find a printer somewhere in this city...