Thursday, May 27, 2010


So this morning I successfully tripped over a box in the hallway...1...2...3 times. Lucy the housekeeper thought that was hilarious. Really it was prettyyyy sad!
Well last night one of my classes had their finals and I didnt have to fail anybody! I feel good about that! The rest of my finals will be on Friday and Saturday. Today I don´t have any classes but I just got back from a meeting with my mentor which was useful... I learned a lot. David didn´t show up so it was a private class. Tonight at 6 there is a meeting for all teachers on learning strategies so that should be interesting. Next cycle I will have more classes, I will teach until 10 at night 3 days a week. But that is good because I will get more experience...although I am sad because I am not continuing with the same students and I really like my students. But it will also be good to get to know different students and levels too. I am little worried about my advanced classes because to be honest I am going to be learning some of the grammar at the same time as they are. When you speak a language you dont think about its parts. It is interesting because I am constantly learning too but could be a bit embarrassing if I dont understand something...hmmm lots of preparation time I think.
Well on Monday morning I went to a different poverty program with my mother here near to Llacanora. We had to take 2 combis to arrive there. It is not my favourite way to travel as it is hot and if people smell bad it´s sort of unbearable. And they dont wait for you to sit down before they drive off so you have to grab the pole quickly, time is money right...and I think it is sort of dangerous. I hear they are gonna have another strike on Monday... or I should say I read that on the windows of various public transport... huelga 31 de mayo
Anyway the program only had 6 children and one really bad kid. He was jumping on the table so I told him to get down and he shook his fist at me. Kids aged 3-5. That is bad. Rosa says the program cant continue if there aren´t more children- like they may have to move.
I don´t like the dogs I think they want to bite me.
Haha my Regular 1 class asked if I would be their teacher next cycle and when I said no one student said MISSSS YOU HAVE TO GO IN THERE AND FIGHT FOR US. hahaha. They are lovely. My Regular 15 class said they will miss me. It´s nice to be liked hahaha
On Sunday I am gonna go to Collpa with some collegues to help them practice English in a natural setting and because I wanna see new places. Should be cool!
I would just like to say that Jean has not lost a finger. I just suck at Spanish apparently. He did hurt his hand pretty badly but he is not without a finger.
I went looking for new heels for my skirts because I am a woman and I want new shoes but then I remembered that I dont have any money. HAHAHA. But it was okay because I didnt see any I really wanted. Except one pair but they were reallyyyy pricey.
My laptop is living once again! Que chevere no!? And I have not lost the 2000 songs I have on there nor my documents from Uni.
I love the cake here it is yummmmmmmmmmmy. I am gonna put back on all the weight I have lost but oh well it may be worth it.
Yesterday I went with Rosa to the bank and we stood in line for an hour. Goodness me! But I did see Orlando one of my friends from the Church so that was cool.
Meal times are always fun. Still they introduce new dishes to me...sometimes I am not too keen but I always eat it of course. Some of it is delicious!
My childrens class, typically, was observed just when the children decided to be REALLY noisy! We were doing an exercise where they had to draw each other big and label the body parts and they were so excited so they were really noisy and speaking spanish ohhh dearr me. But anyway. I never claimed to be a childrens teacher. My observation reports for the adults classes are good. Good suggestions and comments. Nobody believes I am 19 so I think that is a good sign! I havent received my feedback from the childrens class so that should be ...uh,....interesting.
What I notice about ICPNA this year is that the teachers are closer and there is more joking and talking between us. It is WAY more organized. We have staff meetings regularly. There are workshops 3 saturdays every month to improve our teaching. We have weekly meetings with our mentors. Last year it was like... hey here´s the books... ok bye! Now they are watching us closely and I think it is good. People are friendlier and for every mistake you make they give a positive comment about something else. I am much happier. Last year my mentor didnt help me at all. She just wrote on my end of year report-without explanation and following a good observation feedback sheet-that my teaching was below level. And I was very angry with her because I asked for help and she gave me nothing. Anyway my students last year got great marks on their exams and they liked me and learned lots so thats the main thing. And I didnt have any complaints from anyone else. I also am not happy with her because she was gossiping with my host mother about how I was so awful to Antonio and how all foreigners treat people here badly which is simply not true I dont believe I have treated anyone here with anything less than the respect due from a teacher...if anything the people here treat foreigners without respect- I make reference to the comments I hear from the men here when I walk down the street, but I dont generalize all the men in peru based on them- anyway Antonio and I are friends and there are no problems between us so I think she should just keep her opinions to herself, that is nothing to do with our job and I do not comment on her private life. Anyway she is in Chiclayo now so no problems. And nobody in Peru knows about my blog and I have not used any names so I think that is okay to say. That is my vent for today. ha
I can now walk really well in high heels but I want some new ones to switch it up a bit. And a new shirt and a new skirt. Hey did I tell you the housekeeper got bleach all over my green shirt so I cant wear it to work because I look ridiculous. It is a shame because I like that shirt. It cost me all of 5 dollars but it was nice. I mean it went well with my skirts. Oh man I am turning into a typical woman talking about clothes like they are important.Okay they are not important I just like to look professional for my job.
Yesterday Ana didnt have school so she was there at lunch so we had ice lollies afterwards like milky ones they were yummmmy!
The other day Rosa asked me to go to the pharmacy and buy her some nail polish remover because she was in a rush so I went and what a palaver! I went and you have to ask one person for what you want. So I was standing there waiting for her to bring it for 10 minutes and then someone told me I had to go to another section to pay. So I paid and she gave me a slip and directed me to another section. So I went there and they had given me the wrong slip because I didnt need any pills- so I had to go back to the pay place and then return with the correct slip and finally they gave me the nail polish remover. I mean this whole process could have been done in 2 minutes. Let´s make things as difficult as possible...
Anyway I am enjoying myself again now that I am not sick and have adapted and I think the next 3 months will be a blast!
Thanks Brandy for the ideas for class!
Take care chicos!


  1. hay gemma otrves antonio en tu vida ?

  2. Sounds like things are going a lot better this year Gemma. The draw and label body parts was a great idea and it is a good sign when the students are excited to do their assignments. You are a wonderful teacher and you wouldn't have been asked back if you weren't capable - perhaps your mentor was just jealous!

    What did he say!
    Yes things are going great my increased ability with Spanish definetly helps!

    Y amor no te preocupes solo chismosos como siempre...te amox