Thursday, May 20, 2010


WOW DUDES there was a TREMOR here and I am SO UPSET because I didn´t feel anything! It was exactly 3 seconds long and I MISSED IT. I was sleeping. What a shame! My collegue said he felt dizzy and then he realized it was a tremor wowwww. Their last tremor was two years ago so I probably am not gonna have another opportunity to experience it. Ohhhh man!!! Nobody in my house felt it- it is earthquake proof apparently- not quite sure how that works though...
I went to observe another class at ICPNA to see how other people approach the method and it was very interesting and informative. I have some new ideas to put into play!
Well this morning I went with Rosa to her new project. She is no longer working in the projects of Cajamarca- now she is working with the programs in Baños Del Inca which is like 5 minutes outside of Cajamarca. The children in the class we visited were ages 3-5 and there was one girl of maybe 13 years who was clearly not well. We spent the morning learning how to crawl to work on coordination. Then we learned about what foods it is good to eat to have a healthy body. Then lunch came and it wasnt very much for all the children. Like maybe 5 people. That was sad. They were not that well behaved and their teacher is not actually qualified to teach but with this program teachers at Davy College (i.e. the resort school in town) are training them so it should improve a lot.
Yeah last night we had a staff meeting again and I understood most of it whoopee. So everyone was invited to my conversation class haha I think I went red. David and I have the special privelege of not having to get the homework we assign to our students approved first. Cool right!
I know there was something I wanted to write about but I have forgotten.
OHHH there is the cutest little kid playing peekaboo with me beside the computerrrr I want a child. But dont worry because I dont have one.
Here I have put a picture of me teaching and also of the kids this morning.
Oh a student said my life is a nude instead of knot! Because knot in Spanish is nudo. HAHAHAHAHA. That was great!
Well my loves I spent all my time uploading pictures!
See you on teh sunny side

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  1. wuuuaao, puedo ver que ahora es màs divertido, aunque me diò un poco de tristeza por los niños
    pero te ves genial con tus fotografias te amo .... mucho.. jean carlos