Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Women´s Basketball

So I saw this man, must have been in his 40´s with a green sports shirt which said WOMEN´S BASKETBALL and I just wondered if he had any idea what he was wearing. It made me smile anyway!
Yesterday in class they thought I was 25. Nobody believes I am 19. How strange! Usually people think I am 15! hahaha
Yesterday my childrens class was much better. Not good of course- but better, yes! I still have some annoying children running around like maniacs and reading magazines under the desk and asking to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Last night I found out that there is a woman who I am supposed to call if someone needs to use the washroom so she accompanies them and makes sure they aren´t running around like maniacs. Thanks for letting me know!
Well I actually went to Church on Saturday night and it was actually kind of fun because there was lots of dancing. Like it was all young people and I know it was religious but I enjoyed the dancing and singing part. I didnt enjoy the 30 minute sermon but if nothing else I practiced my Spanish.
Well I dont remember if I already mentioned it but I had a job translating a document. It is actually something really important with potential to change the world so I feel like I am making a difference. It is about a new machine which creates clean electric energy with 0 CO2 emissions and supplies many people in 3rd world countries with electriciy which they did not have before. It is going to be sent to governments for review and implementation. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So that is something pretty cool I think! It also has the potential to supply clean water to people.
On Sunday I went to a fancy restaurant called Pescana with my family here and there was a band playing traditional Peruvian music and then Latin Rock so it was pretty cool! We were there for like 3 hours though and it was raining so we couldn´t go and play football afterwards... we went to Baños Del Inca instead to have dessert- I had Lemon Meringue Pie..yumm!
I bought a phone card to call Mum but it doesnt work- I even bought it at a pharmacy so I should probably go and complain to them about it sometime because it cost 10 dollars and I am cheap- soy tacaña as they keep telling me haha.
I have noticed prices have gone up in the year I have been away.
Well yesterday I went to the gym again but I felt a bit sick afterwards. For lunch I had Tuna and rice so I dont see how I could be sick from that unless the tuna was bad. But classes at ICPNA heal me. I just love teaching there! (usually)
Yesterday I stayed later to prepare my midterm exams for Friday. I keep telling my students it´ll be a blast but they don´t believe me. They say ¨misssssssss¨ ¨teacherrrrrrrr¨ `porqueeeeeeeee?¨ (why)
Well today I have to go at 5:30 to get the feedback of my observation...hmmm. Hopefully that goes okay. I don´t think it can be too bad because I was supposed to get the feedback on saturday but another teacher had a problem so she didnt have time.
Irene the housekeeper from last year called for Mothers Day. She wants to come back. She has left her husband and is living in Lima. Sometimes the big city isnt the best solution.
Well in my Regular 15 class yesterday out of about 20 students only 1 remembered her homework. BAD STUDENTS! I told them they were dreadful. My other classes were better thankfully. Of course I dont quite have the angry teacher face down yet so they dont take me very seriously. They will when I deduct points from their marks for being late! HA!
People keep trying to sell me gum! I do not enjoy that part of being here.
Well I am hoping to have my laptop back from being fixed soon so that I can put some pictures on this baby and liven up your blogging experience!
On Saturday before church I watched Little Man with my siblings here. They love it! ha
Bueno amigos!
Take care!
Cheers for the comments and emails! Love you!
PS: The photo is in Celendin- watch me convert people into Canadians!


  1. I only JUST noticed the poll on the side of the page and am PERSONALLY OFFENDED that I cannot vote in it....


    I'm waiting.... did you open it yet? :P

    Anyhoo, I was debating between Japan and Panama. Japan because whenever I hear about it it sounds like another planet (ever seen that toilet? Or the giant femme pikachu who demonstrated birth from a pokemon POV).


    I'm obsessed with city lights, so I want to see Japan before we are all reduced to cave life once again, lol. I could be the storyteller to the little cave-children.

    Once, my dears, there was a land far away, which could still be there for all I know, because we lost all communication with them, but once there was a land where the cute reigned supreme and the cities glowed as bright at night as in the day....

    But anyways, yeah, my other choice, Panama, is just because of a single story I heard about the beauty of it. I also considered Argentina.

    So you've seeeeen the liiiiiiiiight! Hallelujah! (Jesus wants you to buy gum!)

  2. interesante puedo ver que experiencias cresen cada dia mas creo que este medio ya no te esta alcanzando para porder hablar de todas tus experiencia la cuales dia a dia me paresen mas divertidas bueno esperare mañana para seguir metido en este mi programa favorito te amo mucho te cuidas bye.....

  3. This is the 3rd time I have tried to post a comment here.
    WELL Allea I basically said that you are crazy and your stories would make the cave children wet their rocks in fear.
    And I told you that you are almost a year too late on the poll. It closed when I returned last year! haha. Jean and I are gonna go to Argentina.
    I think you´re right I already gave into the gum buying thing 3 times! Oh dear!
    Te amo tambien y espero que hablamos otra vez muy pronto. Me alegro que disfrutas mi blog! cuidate!