Monday, May 17, 2010

Children improving

Well it might surprise you but I am actually starting to enjoy my childrens class now. They are better behaved. The key is to keep them occupied every second of the class. The sticker chart helped because they all want to win. I still have some rascals in the bunch but I am finding it easier to cope with now. Touch wood it doesn´t change!
Well on Saturdays I am going to start teaching a conversation class to the teachers to help with pronunication and expressions and for some grammar. We had observations where people from Chiclayo came out and viewed our classes and they were very happy with me so that´s good. Tomorrow I have another observation where the 3 mentors are going to evaluate me and I have to teach some grammar so I will have to be very prepared and NOT screw it up and trip over my words!
I am also starting to enjoy one of my advanced classes more now because they are kind of funny sometimes. Asking me to go to the bathroom when I clearly see he wants to talk to his girlfriend standing outside the door! Honestlyyyy I am a student too! I would also like to add that I´m probably younger than most of them HA.
Well on Saturday I hung out with some religious friends and learned parts of the Bible. Then we ate pizza which was nice. My class on Saturday started kinda bad because I had such a sore throat I could barely talk- imagine the difficulties! But somehow by the end of the class I was feeling much better despite my students lack of wanting to volunteer answers. Dear me it was difficult. So I just picked on people to answer questions.
Well now that I am using ICPNAs way of marking exams I never have to fail anyone. We just take two points away from one hundred for each error. The final exams are 25 questions. You cant get less than 50. I have to use their system now I cannot claim ignorance.
I bought a phone card for 10 dollars and it gave me 3 and half hours of conversation time. Great right! I phoned home yesterday so that was nice. In the afternoon I taught a private English class which was good too. I liked the topic because it was to do with humanitarian issues and corruption. My student was amazingly ignorant though. In the evening I set to work marking my exams like a diligent teacher should, as well student workbooks. I have yet more workbooks to mark now. woopeee hahahahaa. No it´s good I like it. Last night I went out for supper with my family as they had returned from Celendin which meant I could sleep in on Sunday morning because Luis and Ana weren´t there to be REALLY LOUD at 7 in morning. I also helped Luis with his English homework. And we went grocery shopping. Wow I sound soooo interesting right now hahahaha.
Oh in one of my classes I wrote ¨The chicken is delicious¨ on the board and my student thought it said ¨The children is delicious¨ (BASIC 1 grammar is not that good) so that was a bit of a laugh.
I enjoy my student´s curiosity about other countries and world issues it makes for interesting conversation.
Also I wasted 15 minutes of my childrens class showing them my money from England, Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Hondurus, and Colombia. They were fascinated. Hahaha
The food contineues to be... heavy. But I am going to the gym. I do arms 3 x a week and legs the other two days and I have lost weight it is great! I just sneezed and the man in the next cubicle said SALUD - bless you-- health- OH here its sweet if you sneeze once they say SALUD- heatlh, twice DINERO-money and three times AMOR-love. awwwwwwwwww I love it.
I have to wear my shorts and skirts so I dont die of heatstroke. It is a lot hotter than last year and it hasnt rained in about a week and they say it won´t. At night it is cool thankfully but during the day! WOW! The global temperature change is notable here it was NOT this hot last year. I cant even wear long sleeved tops in ICPNA or Pants because I sweat SO MUCH... yuck.
Oh yeah today I jumped in a cab and told the guy where to go and he was like... I do not understand you. HAHAHAHAHA. So I told him again slower and he understood. I mean its not really that amusing but I was really amused.
My trainer at the gym is mean and picks on me for sleeping if I rest. I mean lying down doing nothing for 5 minutes is not a crime. I just enjoy the soft mats they have and its better to sleep than do chin ups and all that fun stuff.
Well today I am hopefully going to have my laptop fixed so I can put some pictures on this sucker but I guess we will see.
What else do I have to tell you? I´m just living the life of the average higher class Peruvian (because my family here are not lacking money) and exploring the culture.
And Jean is gonna come and visit me in June! sweeeeet!
Keep leaving me comments and emails lovely to hear from you!
PS:: CHECK OUT THE WOOL!!!!! In Celendin!


  1. Hola Gemma,
    Que pasa?

    Vous etes une professeur a l'ecole, n'est ce pas? Est-que tu parles espanol? Il y a est une maison pour vous en habiter?

    Avez-vous dos cervaisas pur moi, por fa vor?


  2. Hola!
    Si, soy profesora de ingles al ICPNA. Si, hablo el español pero no hablo mucho frances... aunque si entiendo lo que me has escribido. Estoy viviendo en una casa muy linda y mi familia son muy amables. ¿Bacan no?
    ¿Dos cervezas? Pues, de verdad creo que la cerveza aqui es mucho mejor de la cerveza en Canada- pero lo mejor es el pisco sour- un vaso y vas a estar barracho... pues eres hombre entonces tal vez 3 vasos... esta bien fuerte!
    Bueno ya me voy...
    ¡Hasta luego!

  3. no puedo negar que cada dia mas aprendo con tus experiensias te amo jean c...

  4. Que bueno que tu apredas algo de yo- te amo tambien x

  5. I am emailing you some stuff you might be able to use in your child class. I sent it to