Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pointless journey and scare back home

Hey chicos!

Well I just got back from San Marcos and I cannot figure out why we went. When we got there we went to the bathroom and came home. I mean it was nice to see the countryside and San Marcos and all the new villages and all that but It seems like a waste of a truck rental and gas to me. It was really bizarre. When we arrived in San Marcos they were by some luck having a festival so there were people dressed up like devils, we didnt stay to watch them dance though because we were in such a rush to go...nowhere? But I did get a picture with them! We went for lunch in LLacanora where I had pork and potatoes and lots of vegetables with weird sauce. The pork was very fatty so I have probably gained back all my weight in one meal. No I am joking. It was interesting on the way home we went to a cheese factory so that was kind of cool. They said to be ready to leave this morning at 8 so I got up at 7 and went to the kitchen and saw their grandad ready to go and he was like ¨ready then?¨ and I was like yup but nobody else is up! Luis and Luis got ready fast but Ana wouldnt get out of bed so we didnt leave until later- could have slept more. Especially as I didnt sleep much the night before---
Because I was so worried about Jean because his best friend sent me a message that he had had a car accident and I had no way to contact him so I didnt know any details. But now I know that he is fine except he has lost one of his fingers. So that was not fun. The accident was in Winnipeg- he was on his way to play with his band. His friend is in much worse shape by the sounds of it. He called me in the middle of the night so I am waiting for more information.
Yesterday I was at ICPNA till 2 because we had a workshop on how to write a lesson plan after our classes. That was just enthralling. I spent my time finding all the spelling mistakes in the presentation. Her English needs a lot of work. Then we had a coffee break. The good thing about it was that I got to know my collegues a little bit more.
This week coming will be finals. I cant believe I have already been here for almost a month. Time flies.
My childrens class was observed on Friday. Not sure what she thought of it though. We were doing a spelling test at the time and about 6 people were late so that complicated things a lot. The spelling test was not part of the book or anything I just decided to start doing daily spelling tests because their spelling is awful. On Thursday at 9 am I have a meeting with David -the American teacher- and our mentor Sarita. That will be interesting.
Last night I went to a youth group religious thing again.It was kind of fun and although maybe I dont agree with the lessons they are at least interesting.
I gave my class another set of homework yesterday. They love me now. HAHA. They might actually learn something though.
Well chicos cheers for your emails and your news!
Take care!


  1. First of all, if Jean reads this, I hope it is correct:

    Me gustaría que no había perdido un dedo, Jean!

    Ahh, google translate!

    Why did you go if you had no time Gemma?

  2. ya me siento mas tranquilo de saber que tengo una mujer que me ama

  3. Hi Gemma,
    I'm sticking to English - I'm having trouble translating. It's just not happening. Anyway, that will be my one and only communique with you. Good luck with your evalutation and don't turn into a stick figure. Aren't field trips fun? when you get a bathroom break? Enjoy teaching those little rascals. They drive you crazy and then one day they'll make you so proud.
    Hard to believe anyone is whiter than you.