Friday, December 2, 2011


In the 9th day of the strike, the protesters told us that the market was allowed to open from 6-10 a.m., and that the roads would be open to allow transit for anyone but mining vehicle (i.e. every vehicle will be interrogated before entering or exiting). However, some exits remained closed, and other only open for certain times. However, Cajamarcans have had enough and everybody is working as usual, except that there aren´t classes anywhere. César and I went to the the market in morning and I can report that Cajamarca has buisness as usual, minus the lack of classes and lack of flights and mobility into and out of the city. Although the peace and quiet is gone ( I mean the peace in front of my house ) it is much nicer to see Cajamarca like this and not dead. We bought basil, spinach, and other veggies and my chef made us green pasta, it was good, except for some reason it occured to him to take the lid off of the food mixer and it went all over the walls, amazing how far it flew! Luckily he had the lid back on quick enough to save most of it! Genius.
Speaking of genius, yesterday I dropped my phone in the toilet. Luckily since César is an electrician he managed to take it apart and salvage it for me, so it still works yay!
We still have the helicopters overseeing us. But I think that people just need to work now, so they decided to. Nobody liked the whole, you can shop from 6-10 idea we were proposed yesterday, like an authoritarian infringement of human rights. I think it will be good for the protesters to see that they are not the government. However, they say that on Monday they will be back at protesting and attacking those who work. However if the people work normally in these numbers it will be more difficult for them to get a crowd going without resorting to violence. And now they have finally entered into negogiations. Things are looking up, and I get to work tomorrow! :)
César left for Chota for work, but he has to go via Chiclayo because of the lack of roads in Peru and the fact that most of the ones that exist are blocked. It should be a 3-4 hour journey but now it will take all day. That would be like going to The Pas from Brandon via Regina. Or in England, going to East Sussex from Norfolk via Wales. So clearly that is ridiculous and he will be travelling all day so I will not see him tomorrow now. But at least I have veggies and can make myself a salad! :) yay market being open! We went to the mall and the supermarket is empty of fruits and veg and fresh meat.
And the sun is shining. It doesn´t feel like December to me, it is much too hot, and I am wearing a skirt! Take care dears!

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