Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watch out for bicycles!

Yesterday, I opened my taxi door and knocked a young man flying off his bicycle. Oops.
I wrote that about a week ago. So now let me get down to finishing the blog entry.

Well the new cycle started on Friday. I have to teach for 6 hours a night with NO BREAK which is extremely exhausting! On Saturday morning I was just leaving my class and my collegue told me the meeting was starting in 5 minutes in room 4. They hadn´t even told me there was a meeting. I might have lost my temper a little bit and said I wasn´t going and that it was disrespectful to expect us to go to an unpaid meeting with 5 minutes notice. He said we got an email but I know I didn´t get an email and WHY CAN´T THEY POST A NOTICE IN THE OFFICE where we all go everyday? I am the first teacher to arrive and the last one to leave so I had more than enough time to read a poster indicating a meeting but instead they sent an email which I didn´t even get. When they revised the list of teachers my name wasn´t even on it and they were so surprised. They asked how ICPNA contacted me and I said I have never missed a scheduled day of work for any reason before. Also our new secretary is super disorganised and forgot to post the schedule with the rooms. Since she arrived late on Saturday we had lots of students walking around lost. My class began half an hour late and I was not impressed. I might be the youngest staff member but I am going to develop a serious attitude soon. I miss my mentor who left for Chiclayo. She entrusted me with all her students this month so that shows a lot of confidence :)
I have two classes of 13 year olds and the rest are adult-teen mixed groups. I am starting to get the hang of teaching 13 year olds. The key is lots of games and short activities. Also if you put a young boy with a young girl he instantly becomes more of a gentleman. At least-- it works here!

Last night we went to see the coronation of the carnival queen for Baños Del Inca. They choose a child and a young lady. It was fun except the carnvial music- huayno- which is said ¨whine-o¨ actually sounds like wining. It is HORRIBLE and I just cannot get into it. The dance also looks ridiculous. To me it looks like people skipping around in circles but when I tried it apparently I looked stupid so there you go. It is clearly practiced flailing that I need to improve on. At least later on they started playing Cumbia which I much prefer! We went to support one of our friend´s girlfriend´s relatives who was running and in the end she won! That was wonderful! She is the one in sky blue in the picture. A random drunk man opened a bottle of beer and empied it over my hair and I was so NOT impressed with that.

The litle orange berry in the picture is aguaymanto. The company I translate for is exporting it into Europe and basically any market they can get into. I tried them and I kind of like them. They have loads of health benefits apparently. César loves them.

It rains and rains and rains here and it is horrible. Last week I made quiche and César hated it. Actually I didn´t do it very well. The pastry rose for some reason and there was at least 4 times more pastry than the tasty stuff. Oh well. My cottage pie turned out to be much more successful!

That´s all for now! x

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