Monday, April 30, 2012

A quick update

Hi there folks! Well, not much has happened since I last wrote. Last night César and I went to see the Trujillo ballet company which was nice, since Cajamarca doesn´t have many theatre or dance events. The attendance was dreadful though and it was so cheap so that´s a shame since they probably won´t return. There were a couple of terrific male dancers there though. They started with the Cajamarca children ballet dancers who were about as good as the Rivers ballet dancers but they had better tutus. The seats in the theatre were so cool because they all had pull up tables like in aeroplanes!
Apart from that we have just been working hard. The April cycle ended on Saturday and I rushed to correct a large amount of exams and calculate final grades. We are planning to travel in June before my trip back to Canada so it is necessary to save lots of money! César has met with the lawyers about his mother so now he just has to wait for the legal processes to get going. Hopefully some money comes out of it so buy his mother a small house to live in where she can be herself and not have to worry about landlords. On Friday I went for lunch at my old host family´s house so that was nice. Always an eye-opener re. class differences. Well, I´ll update when something actually happens, I have a couple of days off and no money so that is never exciting! See ya!

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