Thursday, April 21, 2011

Part 3

So here I am at work *we clearly aren't busy*...just finished my last exam of University (although I might return) of my third year! It will be strange not having to study all the time because I can honestly say that I studied hard this year...that's what happens when your boyfriend lives in another country and you are spared that distraction!! So come June (so long as my academic counsellor was right and I took the correct courses to be eligible to graduate) I will be armed with my Bachelor's Degree, love in my heart, and a song in my mind, as they say. They say that right?!
Time to spend with my lovely family + 3 additional little ones, my sister's recital, band concert, and graduation and then June 27th and my parent's 24th Wedding Anniversary plus my departure from this wonderfully cold land to one a little bit warmer but somewhat rainy. That's right amigos! It's Peru take 3! Welcome to my fabulous blog once again and I promise to keep up with you more this time around!
I am off in search of exciting travel, a teaching job I love, and a man who is one cm taller than me! hehehe! I feel that I have paid my dues with working and studying and now am off to have some fun and adventure~!! 67 days left here!
Undoubtably I will miss my awesome family and great friends very much, but there have always been people I love living at a distance from me, and thanks to that and the support I receive from the people I love I feel I am ready to take on a year of below the eqautor living.
And I can't even lie and say I'll come back tanned because we all know that's not going to happen!
So, I got my Typhoid shot in form of pills and it was terrible. I felt like I got Typhoid, which I guess I did but in a smaller form. My stomach hurt so badly that I couldn't even stand up for an hour and a half after my first meal. Not to self/ get the vaccine when I need it next time! At least the pill variety works for 7 years and me being cheap I opted for that over the 3 year vaccine.
I still need to get some Peruvian moolah/ that's soles...and I hope to be able to get at least 1000 soles which XE converter tells me is 338$ and that should be enough to survive for the first couple of months at least. And I need to buy travel insurance too.
I really hope to be able to travel to Ecuador and Colombia while I am south of the eqautor and of course throughout Peru more! I still haven't explored the South of the country at all!!
I will be sending emails and making phone calls because the cost of mail is A LOT! However if you want to send me a letter by mail it costs less than 2$! So you should! And I'll email you back. I don't know my address yet but when I do I will let you know! :)
Well, I guess I should get back to work now..haha!
Love and all that! xx

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