Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back in Lima!

Wow that seemed like a long voyage! But I made it! The flight from Winnipeg to Toronto was great and we arrived 20 minutes early! I then had to wait for 5 hours in Pearson Airport...voted best improved airport of 2010. I hate to think what that says about other airports. I was bored in Pearson until this random old man from India whipped out some playing cards and we spent 4 hours playing blackjack and cheat and speed and rummy. I lost. But it helped pass the time. And according to him I will live until I am 85 thanks to this line on my left hand. The flight to Lima was fine it just seemed long because I was anxious to arrive and because I was up at 430 am and didnt arrive in Lima until 1am because we were delayed almost an hour due to various reasons. I didn´t feel nausous on the plane though so that´s great!The guy at immigration gave me 183 days just like that which was awesome because usually they make me pay. Must have been my day! And then I met up with Cesar and that was nice :) We´re staying in the Qorianka hotel which is where we stayed the night when Cesar dropped me off at the airport 10 months ago. We´re even on the same floor. It´s nice and most importantly safe and has hot water!! We were going to go back to Cajamarca leaving at 5 this evening but we decided to stay an extra night because I was very tired and the thought of 16 odd hours on a bus was not a welcome one. So tomorrow we will travel at 5 with CIAL which is a great company we have used before. Today we spent the day in Lima. We went to this museum about instruments that Leonardo de Vinci invented which was neat. They were all cool except the one that was literally dripping water. Not sure about the genius of that! We walked around and walked-.--and walked...and walked and now my legs are exhausted! We did sit down for an hour after superr (SPINACH FETTUCINI YUMMM) on a bus tour but there was so much traffic all we saw was a lot of cars and then when we got to the good bits it was like zooooom ok no photo ops there then! After that Cesar went to print stuff from the University and in the internet cafe there was a sign on the wall that said ¨no bad words allowed¨ which made me laugh a lot. Now I have discovered this hotel has wifi (it just gets better) and I am taking advantage of it fully! Here are some pics! Thanks for tuning in! More news soon! xx

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