Thursday, June 30, 2011

I find myself in Cajamarca!

Hey everyone! Well, after what seemed like an eternity on a bus here I am in Caxas, feeling...sort of well. Although I didn´t actually puke on the bus (probably because I took 2 gravols) I did a lot of gagging and all that nice stuff. The breakfast they gave us this morning on the bus was pathetic! It was just a corn muffin, like the little ones they give you at Joey´s Only. They may as well not have bothered! Not that I could eat anything anyway, because the sight of food made me want to upchuck even more. Really interesting so far right!
So the most exiting thing today was seeing the apartment that Cesar found for us to rent together. The owner actually said he´d paint it whatever colours we wanted, and since Cesar is cool and let me choose the rooms are orange and the open space and stairwell is green. It is in a decent part of town, well lit, busy highway so it´s easy to catch a cab and there is a metal door and then a wooden door heavily bolted and all our other doors have deadbolts too! We have a little balcony which shows a busy street and a new devolpment being built, but the concept is nice, and we have stained glass windows in those doors and part of the ceiling in the open area is stained glass too, so it is nice a light. The only problem is that it is quite dirty and neither of us is likely to be able to reach it. I will put some pictures up here later. We have a gas stove, so I have to try not to burn the place down. We live on the third and top floor, the landlord lives beneath us and has lots of kids, although they live with their mother, and the first floor is a restaurant and sells basic foods like a gas station would so it smells great!! From here lying on the bed you can see this great view of all the houses going up the mountain and at night its all lit up. However, the closer you get to the window the uglier the view gets, thanks to constuction! So, good excuse to stay in bed right! We had a MENU which is like a cheap 3 course meal that costs about 3 dollars and is usually good. We had vegetable soup and then chicken and rice and then rice and purple corn pudding. Pretty gentle so that my body doesnt reject it too much. Today we went to buy basic stuff to live with and tried to clean up somewhat. I like that we have high ceilings. The traffic is pretty loud, but Cesar says it is quieter at night. I will let you know if that is true. My friend Davo came to visit and pick up the ipod nano I brough for him since its cheaper in Canada and you can get them engraved. So he was happy and me too because I didnt have to pay an exchange rate to get some peruvian cash. The one picture is people dressed traditionally in a park in Lima and other is me upon arrival in Lima in a wonderful restaurant where the server was half deaf. Tomorrow I have a meeting where I am going to teach to get books and stuff, and I start work on Saturday! I will probably do some cleaning tomorrow because I will be bored since Cesar will have to go back to work so we don´t end up on the street...just kidding, kind of. Send me your news! love, me!

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