Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just a quick one

This is just a quick note because I wanted to post a picture of 14 of the 21 children I had to teach this month. 7 of them are missing because today is a bank holiday and many people went on vacation. Yesterday we had a staff meeting. NOBODY told me, just like NOBODY told me about the conference. The lack of communication drives me insane, and then they expect you to go with no problem. Just like nobody told me we have to wear suits to the conference, as if I have a suit, as if I can afford a suit with one days notice. I have black pants and I will buy a white blouse, but suit no way. Tomorrow at 8 we have the opening Gala for the binational centres of Peru English Teaching Conference. We all have to go. I am so excited (actually I am not because at 6 on Thursday I have to get up for class) and I hope its not a stuffy high class do because I am so not that kind of person but if we have to go in suits it probably will be. Then the conference begins on Saturday all day and it is Sunday all day too- but I think it will be really interesting because there are lots of international speakers. Apparently it´s the first time the conference is coming to Cajamarca. Well, now I have to do my assignment for Fundamentals of Psychology as it´s due today (I am so good at leaving things until the last minute). Since it´s a holiday Cesar shouldn´t be working today but since he got called by a client he´s gone in anyway.
I have a bit of a cold.
The parcel my parents sent 2 months ago hasn´t arrived, so I don´t recommend that anyone send me anything, as I would hate for you to waste your money.
We still don´t have water. ughhhhhhhhh, I smell good.
Ah! One more difference in University! They do roll call, and if you skip more than 5 times in 17 weeks you fail. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you get one ¨skip¨ so if you are late 5 times you fail. That´s discipline for you.
All for now! ch ch ch chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! xxx
love you! me!

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