Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello my neglected friends!

Wow, so I have been a busy bee! bzzzz! Where to begin?
Well, the English conference was pretty interesting, but it meant on the homework side of things I didn´t get very far...oh well. There was a speaker from England and a 2 Americans and other people from around South America. Since Cajamarca hosted it, all the ICPNA teaches had to introduce somebody. I was nervous (I was the youngest person there for sureee) and read mine so quickly I am sure that nobody understood a word I said, but luckily they had it in front of them to read anyway. Two very long days and we didn´t have the chance to travel yet again. Last weekend we didn´t have the chance to travel because I had to do 2 group presentations at university. They were very demanding. We had 2 weeks to write a ten page report, print 2 page summaries for every classmate, make a powerpoint with at least 20 slides and present it, being ready to answer any questions the prof could think of. We had to make a modal and drawings and find a short video too. That is just for one class!! Oh! And we didn´t have any lectures on the topics so we had to do all the research ourselves! The other group presentation I was part of was dreadful. We didn´t do hardly anything and the prof asked us to explain ourselves, I told him I work full time too and so he gave us another chance. One week to read 6 long chapters about different topics and present them. ay ayayyyy
ICPNA gave me the ECCE preparation course to teach, it is for the Michigan International English Exam, and it is very interesting for me. It means I get home at 10:30 every night I don´t sleep too much!
Yesterday I went and quit my math class. I don´t have enough time to study, plus who wants to study logic at 7 o clock on a Tuesday morning for 3 hours? I was so lost and I knew I would fail so its better to quit right? I don´t remember quitting anything before though...hmmm.
After the English conference two weeks ago Cesar and I went to his best friend´s baby shower. It was so long! We arrived 3 hours late and it still went on another 2 hours with ridiculous games. The plan was to go to the bar afterwards, but we came back to change (I was still in my suit from the conference)and I fell asleep. Hahahaha. You can see the couple in the photo!
I enjoy my other classes, they are very interesting. I am also happier at work now that I only have to teach children on Saturdays, Juniors and then a reading workshop.
I am tired!
So this morning I was told to go to ICPNA at 7:30 (early, we start at 8) and when I got there, surprise! They wanted to take blood from all the staff members. It was at that moment that I realized I am still so western, because I refused to let them near me with a syringe. They were probably all clean, the nurses looked professional, but I didn´t take the risk. In Canada? I´ve had my blood taken lots of times. Conclusion: I am probably a huge snob. I wonder what you would have done?
I included a photo of some of my psychology ¨family¨ as they call us here. We had our welcome to the career of psychology meeting and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students made speeches saying that now we are all brothers and all this, I have never had that experience of each occupation having meetings every month or two and planning events together, like today for example they are going to the mall to give free psychological tests to children from 8-12 years old. We are invited to watch but not participate since we have only been studying for 1 month!
I am actually very happy yet very busy, and the days are passing by so quickly it is Sunday and then I blink my eye and wow, you mean it´s Friday tomorrow? Wowwww!
I will try to keep up with you more often, send me your news!

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