Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I have learned in Peru

1. How to open a door with a credit card. Don´t panic, it is impossible to open our two front doors with credit cards because they have padlocks. However, the door to the bedroom and the study can be wedged open with a well placed and jimmied card. Good skill to have! Especially since there doesn´t appear to be a key for those locks!
2. Just because the sun is out when you leave the 3rd apartment, doesn´t mean that it won´t be pouring down with rain by the time you reach the ground floor (i.e. in the space of about 10 seconds)
3. Powdered laundry detergent wrecks hands. I washed our shoes with it and now my hands are inflamed. PLUS: César has done all the washing up lately ;)
4. Flash cards (i.e. those things you use to study) have a correct format, and if you forget a comma you are an idiot. OH MY GOODNESS IT IS RAINING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. When I wrote point 2 it was sunny. I had to do 32 flashcards and I lost 2 out of 20 for incorrect use of commas.

Ok, so I am writing because I am so excited, yesterday we bought a WASHING MACHINE! Woahhhh! And we are gonna dry the clothes in the kitchen since our roof is made of glass (which is great, as long as it doesn´t rain!)
Last weekend we went to Chiclayo, it was great to be outside of Cajamarca! We went to Tucame and climbed a pyramid where pre-Incan kings are buried. We hiked around there and took pictures and walked through the herb garden and it was great! Plus we saw a lizard which César tried to trap so we could get a good picture but it was way too fast for us! We also went to the cinema to see some movie about Walter and a beaver which was bizareeee!
Enjoy the photos, We had to hold the washing machine down because it vibrates a lot!
I will write more later, must get to work!

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