Monday, October 31, 2011

Back from Trujillo

We´re back from our lightning visit to Trujillo. Wesley, César and I left Saturday, but Wesley stayed there since his girlfriend is on the point of giving birth- at any second. They told her between Oct. 24th and Nov.2nd since she doesn´t want a C-section. Apparently the doctors here try to convince you it´s necessary so that they can charge you more money. How disgusting. We stayed with Rafael and Sandy which was great because it was free. Since we didn´t buy a ticket in time and it´s a bank holiday weekend we arrived to Trujillo lying down in a cubby space behind the drivers seat. It was excellent, easily the most comfortable bus ride I´ve ever taken and I slept very well. Bonus: the 3 of us travelled for 10$!! Good to have friends!
Once in Trujillo we took the bus to Huanchaco, that was fun since there were no seats and I had to hold the bar, but it was such a choppy ride that Rafael and César had to help me stabalize, they thought it was hilarious that I have practically no muscles or sense of balance. I had a ball though, everyone else on the bus kept looking at me as if I was insane for laughing everytime the bus stopped and started again, oh well let them think that it´s because I´m white! When we first got on the bus there were 2 black men with a portable stereo rapping, and they rapped about my eyes which was nice, and then they asked us all for money. Neat job. We took Rafael and Sandy´s dog Boni to the beach, it is such a cute dog, you can´t even see it´s paws because it has so much fur! Later Adriana and Wesley and Adrian´a little sister joined us at the beach, I was hoping her water would break because that would have been exciting but for her sake I am glad it didn´t because the hospital in Trujillo was 20 minutes away. It was cool to feel her belly where her baby was kicking. She is hugeeee! How exciting! It´s a boy by the way! We were discussing names lots. At one point they were hooked on Steve, but they couldn´t say it properly so they changed their minds. I think his name may well be Adrian, but the pronunciation is AH-DRIE-ANN in Spanish. Or Wesley Jr. I hope they were kidding about that one. When the baby is born I´ll post a picture. I am not sure when the couple will be back in Cajamarca but I am sure they´ll be pics on facebook!
César says I am addicted to washing our clothes, it is not that, it is just so much fun to have a washing machine. I am happy happy! Today I have no classes to teach and I am taking the opportunity to-well- relax! And wash clothes. And then I will practice my dance for the talent night!

Well chicos, more later!
xxoo Gemma!

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