Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bye bye ICE

Today is a sad day, because I just chatted to Mum and she says that our dear dog Ice is no longer among the living. So now I am being very nostalgic and thinking of all the great moments shared with her. She was a beautiful dog, not like the horrible rabid ones here that bite you. My student came to class the other day with 3 holes in his leg from where a dog a had taken a chunk out of it. ughhhh, it was awful.
I was so sick yesterday, maybe I could feel Ice´s sickness even though we are far away or something like that!

On a lighter note, later on C├ęsar, Wesley and I are going to Trujillo tonight to see Adriana and her extremely pregnant tummy waiting to explode at any moment :) It would be super exciting if she gave birth while we were there, but since we will be back in Cajamarca on Monday it´s not so likely. Wesley will stay there with her until the grand moment hits! Owww! Pictures to follow as long as I don´t forget to take my camera!

Speak soon xxoo

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