Friday, November 25, 2011

Announcing the birth of Adrian Gonzalo

Auntie Mary sent me an e-mail reminding me that I forgot to announce the birth of Adrian! He was born on November 5th perfectly healthy. The mother opted for a normal birth (they recommended a C-section) and the head was too big so they had to cut her open somewhat to get it out... now she is in hospital because the stiches broke open and for some reason they say they can´t put them back in and she has to wait for it to heal naturally. I don´t understand why but I all I can say is owwww! We have yet to meet Adrian as they are in Trujillo but in two weeks we are going since I have a congress of biodance, a branch of psychology there. I have attached a photo, look he is using the blanket we got them! 2 hours after birth.
The strike in Cajamarca yesterday was very passive, everybody was impressed at the non-violance which is excellent. However, all the roads leaving Cajamarca are blocked, meaning that nobody can leave and nobody can enter. They have made barricades of rocks and garbage and people and refuse to move. Essentially, this the reason that nobody can get to the mine. We had classes as normal at ICPNA, but César accompanied me. We had less then half of the students show up. However, students who live in Baños del Inca, about 2 miles from Cajamarca, weren´t able to come because the busses and combis refused to bring people here. Baños is the rich village which was once quite separate from Cajamarca, but now Cajamarca is creeping closer and closer in its growth. It is where the white people live in large quantities, almost all of whom are connected to the mine. As of yet I am not sure if there are classes in the university, I guess I will see soon!
I still haven´t met with the psychologist yet. As part of our course, all of us have to have a 1.5 hour sessions with our teacher, who is also a phychologist to see if we are mentally able to be psychologists. It should be interesting but she has already cancelled a lot of appointments and as of yet I don´t have another date so I don´t know if it will happen or not.
Today my students are writing their final exams and on monday the new cycle begins. There is no break because we want to finish on Dec. 21st instead of Dec. 23rd. I am so excited for my end of year trip to ecuador!! :D
César is cleaning the flat, sometimes he gets these urges to clean and becomes a kind of soldier, totally fixiated at the task at hand. I am supposed to be cleaning the bedroom but clearly I am not.
Well, I shall try to keep you updated more frequently my faithful blog readers!
Much love, Gemma

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