Monday, November 28, 2011

The strike continues

Day 4 of the strike in Cajamarca, and today the university is closed so I am writing here instead! It is kind of awesome because today was supposed to be my final speech for one of my classes.
Yesterday we went to visit our friend Maykler, and trying to arrive our taxi was stopped and turned around. So we had to get out and walk a bit until we found a mototaxi that took us to his house. In the picture you can see me at his door, it is such a big door, I love it!
On Thursday I tried to get a picture of the protest, but it took me so long to find my camera that I only caught the end of it in this picture.
Sorry, César phoned to tell me that the protesters are going to stop the water flow, so I went to fill up all the buckets and recipients of water that I could find, and we bought bottled water to drink and eggs. I don´t know how we are going to survive on eggs, but that was what they had!
Let´s hope for a speedy resolution!
Cajamarca is now monitered by several police helicopters which is unnerving for the adults and exciting for the children.
There is no exit from Cajamarca, and no entry, other than by plane. I fear they may take over the airport, and then we shall all be stuck here, unless we walk.
I promised César I wouldn´t exaggerate the situation, so where I live, all is peaceful right now, except that I want to shower and I can´t :(
And there is not much to do.
At least we have internet though!
The other photo is with 2 of my classmates who participated in the workshops, at public school CEGECOM.
Well, I shall keep you updated dears! Chau for now!

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