Saturday, June 9, 2012

It´s the little things...

Yesterday I went to the shop to buy sugar and flour (I was making perogies, probably a good idea to check if you have flour before you begin) and I realized that I am really going to miss them weighing a kilo of sugar for me out of a huge bag. I suppose that´s what it was like 30 years ago but it´s really personal and cool. Maybe I should open my own store in Canada old fashioned like :)! I will miss my fresh fruits and veggies and lack of pre-packaged and chemical filled foods. Now that I have perfected my rice cooking skills it will be strange not eating rice all the time. At first I found it dry but then I learned to coat it in soy sauce and now I love it :) César and I went to see The Woman in Black (it took quite a bit of convincing on César´s part because I hate horror movies) and it wasn´t that scary thankfully! It wasn´t brilliant acting and all I could think of was Harry Potter and how weird that Daniel Radcliffe had a kid...?!! Then we went to see Madagascar 3 which was cute and a little girl was dancing in the isle which was cuter still! I will also miss cheap movies! I know I am not a city girl and that´s probably why I kind of love being able to flag down a taxi or a mototaxi (cheaper) wherever I am! I will not miss the sexist, untolerant rich city people and the social class divisions though. We´ve been watching the world cup, Germany just won a great match with Portugal. England plays France on Monday, should be a good one. I´m supposed to be packing for our vacation but I haven´t quite got around to it yet, maybe at the last minute! Tomorrow we are off to Trujillo to pick up my virus clogged laptop and visit César´s friends and from there it´s off to Lima! Much better to have two bus trips than one 14 hr long one. However, the bus ride from Lima to Cusco is a day long so whoopee there. Should be worth it to finally see Machu Picchu though! I put a picture where I thought a couple of the translations were funny like pancakes with bees. Talk to you later! I made my own mazamorra and I was proud of that. Maybe I will find some purple corn when I am back in Canada, somewhere!

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