Sunday, June 17, 2012

Machu Picchu and blisters!

First of all, Happy Father´s Day to my Dad who is obviously the best Dad of them all! :D So, picking up where I left off. Towards the end of our hike to Aguas Calients there was a little village which we thought was Aguas Calientes but it wasn`t so we were a bit depressed and sat down for about 10 minutes. BIG MISTAKE because our muscles cooled down and then it hurt so much more to move! But move we did ladies and gentlemen! :) When we arrived to the town we looked for a hostal and Nicolas found one for 15 soles and we stayed in a different one for 30 since we wanted our own room together and not a shared one. The bed was much softer than the bed in Cusco and there was natural hot water (hence the name of the town- Aguas Calientes = Hot waters). The shower was one of the best of my life. I took a picture of my foot first though and the new blisters it had. Man did our shoes and socks ever reek! They still do since we haven`t washed anything yet! We all met downstairs after the showers and had supper at about 11 before going off to sleep much better than babies since they wake up a lot and we did not. In the morning Cèsar and I split up from Nicolas as he decided to hike up the mountain (a steep upwards climb of 700 metres) and we decided to take the bus. It cost $10 which is so expensive for a 10 minute ride but I am glad we did it because the uphill climb after the hike the day before would have finished us off. Before that we had breakfast upstairs in the local market since the restaurants were so expensive. I mean, $10 for breakfast! Let`s get real here! Aguas Calientes is a tourist town and we saw the hotel Mick Jagger stayed at when he visited a month ago. Actually we don`t know if he stayed there but it was the poshest one there so we just guessed. In the market we made friends with the lovely lady at the stand and talked about politics before buying the entrance ticket to Machu Picchu. It costs $50 for foreigners to get in which was heartbreaking for me obviously but you know it`s one of the new wonders of the world so I gutted up and forked over the loot. It was a lot cheaper for Cèsar! Machu Picchu was spectacular! I have to go now so it`s short but we have a bus to catch to Arequipa! See you all soon xxx

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  1. but then I got excited and we decided we only live once so why not go for it!