Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cesar, love, it´s raining...in the kitchen!

Apparently since I got this camera 5 years ago I have taken over 7000 photos! wow!
Ok, so here it rarely rains, but once in a while we get a torrential downpour like you can see in the photo, remembering that rain rarely shows in my photos should help you imagine the quantity of water that fell. What started as a nice tinkering sound on our glass roof, upon investigation turned into OH MY GOD ITS RAINING INSIDE and movement of everything into areas where we have real roof (luckily, due to the lack of furniture, this took approximately 5 seconds). We cut the top off big water bottles and set them around the room to catch the water, but I wasn´t very helpful because I couldn´t stop laughing. I might be crazy. Good thing we don´t have carpet!
On Sunday we went to watch Cesar´s friend play 6 side soccer, at which he was absolutely dreadful, and his side lost more than 8-0, I lost count. In the picture, he is one in the middle with the green stripe on his shirt. I asked Cesar why he doesnt play, and he said he did play but the ball hit him in the face and 3 of his brackets fell off (anyone who has had braces is now cringing), so now he´s off the sport until he gets his braces off which will hopefully be soon! The place he played is called Santa Barbara, another part of Cajamarca, and the concrete pitch had a restauarnt and some entertainment, so that nice. First there was a female singer and she was great. And then, this man gets up and starts winking and dancing away singing in Quechua, which was so not pleasant to listen to, but out of respect for his age and sheer guts we gave him a little tip when he came around with his bag. We were going to go to the cinema afterwards, but they were only showing 3 movies and we had already seen 2 of them, so we bought a pirate movie and watched it on the laptop instead. On Saturday Cristian and Davo came over in the afternoon and we sat on the balcony, when Cesar got back from work he joined us and we ummed and ahhed over the beautiful view from our balcony...a busy highway and construction :) oh well! In the night we finally went out dancing, but I was so tired from work that we came home at like, 2, and everyone else was there until 5. Luckily, the old diarrhea excuse frees you up every time! :)The other picture is of La Molina, the outdoor restaurant and soccer pitch where we had chicken kebabs which were yummy! Saturday was the last day of the cycle for Sat classes and tomorrow will be the last day for regular classes, and then Thurs is Independance Day here so hopefully I will get a chance to do something more exciting like TRAVEL!! Cesar has the week off from university and I think I get a week, or at least 5 days off. My student of private morning classes has gone back up to the mine for his week on, so now I have mornings free. I have a huge pile of correcting to do though...! I promise, when my life is more interesting (ie, when I get paid) my blogs will be too! Till then, take care lovelies! xx

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