Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh, body, thank you for this moment of peace!

Oh my goodness. I have been sooo sick. On Friday night after work Cesar and I went out for pizza and I proceded to spend the rest of the night rushing to the toilet, no you don´t want the details. Luckily, Cesar is awesome and went to get me get some pills as soon as the pharmacy opened. Unfortunately, I puked them back up. He bought me some electrolyte drink which I used to get through my 4 hour saturday morning class of teenagers. So, I turn up at ICPNA, manage to enter the wrong classroom, and begin teaching SOMEONE ELSE´S STUDENTS A DIFFERENT UNIT THAN THEY WERE STUDYING. Oh my god. So the teacher knocks on the door and says, uh, those are my students. And I realized I didn´t recognize them, and they weren´t mine. And this wonderful teacher insinuated that I should stop taking drugs and partying so hard. What a great rumour that will start if his students understood. I told him I was sick, and he was like, whatever, get yourself together. I am so not his greatest fan. He is Peruvian but lived in the states for 27 years so he is quite fluent. And eccentric. Somehow I coped with my class who thought it was hilarious. After, my collegue Cristian invited me to his house for lunch which is great because it was free. His mum was so happy to see me and it was very welcoming. After, I met Cesar at the apartment and the carpinter came and we spent the rest of the day building our wardrobe (the one you see in the pictures was unfunished, supported by the walls only). We havent got any hangers or a pole yet though, so we just use the drawers for now! We didn´t party on Saturday night because I still wasn´t feeling 100% and I was exhausted from lack of sleep the night before. Yesterday we went to visit Cesar´s mum, but she wasnt home. One of her friends from Huambos (the village Cesar is from) has moved here so they were out chatting. I think having a friend will help her a lot. We left the comforter and blankets Cesar bought her on her door, so I hope nobody robbed it. (even though we left it inside the house area you never know if someone else inside the house might take something). We went to the cinema and saw the movie about the Zookeeper (they only have 4 screens and I already saw the penguin one with Katie), it wasnt amazing but it was okay! While there I saw the mothers of two of my private students from before and they took my number, so that might mean more work! We spent the day Vagabonding as they say here, and ended up back home watching a movie on the laptop about WW2. We also went to my favourite pasta place where you get a TON of food for 3$ and its sooooo good! We also went to visit Cesar´s old landlady who, as many older type women here often do, proceeded to say what a miracle, what a miracle that you´re here. She said business is down, she sells beer too, but Cesar says people are saving up for fiestas patrias, or Peruvian Independance Days. Why have just one day when you can celebrate for a week?!
Today I went to work with Cesar, he went to fix a semi at the cattle market just outside the city. It was fun because I got to ride in the semi hub and see everything from up high (I must sound sooo sad right now). In the market there wasnt any electricity so we had to go and search for a store which would rent us electricity so that Cesar could use this little welding tool to fix the switchboard. I managed to get myself covered in grease, even though I SWEAR I didn´t touch anything! After that we came back with Carlos and ate a MENU, I had pork and RICE of course! In the afternoon I came back to prepare my classes and then had a surprise call at 5 to 3 saying I was needed as translator for the Texan guy again, he had showed up with a friend from Alabama as a surprise. So, I went. It is good, because now they people there know me, and will call me whenever they need help. I know they had a great translator before, but apparently they got a better job. I don´t want to be the person who translates their documents because that is boring, but I like oral translation, because I learn lots and get to meet people! Even though I knew nothing about welding, I feel that I am learning, but most of all, it is strange to talk to the people at the top of corporations and have them rely on you to translate a message...its actually a kind of power if you think about it!
I had to leave early though because I cant neglect my first duty and that is to teach 25 10 to 12 year olds at 430. Oh, you cannot imagine, how difficult that is, by yourself. I am sending 4 of them to remedial classes, and I hope they will learn lots there because I dont know what else to do with all these different levels of students. Anyone want to come and be my EA? haha
I had a great day a work, lots of laughing and I feel that now my students are getting used to me and are starting to improve. I like that!
Also, a man asked me for private classes 2 hours a day, for the days when he is not at the mine. That will help us decorate our apartment a bit, I think!
Well chicos, that is all for today, I hope to have more interesting blogs to follow but the travelling is kaput while the bank is! xx The one picture is of Cesar in the store we found with electricity. The other picture Cesar told me NOT to put on my blog, but I like it and so, here it is! At the pasta place :)

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