Sunday, July 17, 2011

Peru wins!

Well, their quarter anyway. Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon from 2 after work watching soccer at Cesar´s friend´s house. It is the South American cup which is played every 2 years and this year is in Argentina. It was Peru vs Colombia for a spot in the top four, and despite all prediction Peru pulled out of it with a 2-0 victory in the extra half an hour. Then, it was on to Argentina vs Uruguay to see which team Peru will be up against on Tuesday. After 90 plus 30 minutes of play they were tied 1-1 and in the penalty shoot out, Uruguay won with 1 more goal than Argentina. I´d hate to be the Argentinean who missed! The thing is, the game was much more intense, and they play at another level to that which Peru and Colombia played at, so everyone is pretty sure that Peru will stay in their 4th place position. However, it is a game and you never can be totally sure!
After that, we all went out for chicken. Today is Pollo a la brasa day. Everyone here says the way in which they cook their chicken on the fire is different to the rest of the world. I believe it tastes the same as any other chicken does, but nobody wants to hear me say that. The plan was to go dancing after the chicken which we finished at 9, but we got back to the apartment so tired that instead of changing to go out we went to sleep. How boring, right! hahaha
Apparently it is neccesary to have a day for everything, even chicken!
I just came back from lunch with Cesar´s mother who seems much happier. She may even start to work because she is bored, although we are not sure what she will do, but that is what she said. I think it would be better than being in a room all day watching television.
I am eating M and Ms and they are yummy. I missed them. yummmm. Cesar and I are going to see Harry Potter after he finishes his 20 pages of homework for University, and I guess I should get to marking the midterm exams I set yesterday. I have a crazy student who is Harry Potter mad and spent half my class making a heart and writing herself a love note from Daniel Radcliffe. At least, she says, she is learning english so she has a chance with him. oh boy.
Cesar´s id card expired so we are waiting for the new one he bought to come in the mail. His old one had a picture of him at 16 years old. I told him, they are going to make you get a photo because you dont even look like the same person. He said, no way, this is Peru, nobody cares. So, we get there, and guess what! They make him get a photo. I feel triumphant enought to share this story with you. Anyway, we arent travelling right now because you need your ID card to be safe, especially when traveling with a white girl, the police like to pull me over for interrogations more, because I am obviously super suspicious looking.
Oh, and also because we dont have any money, that could be more the reason. We are thinking of going to Jaen for Independance Days at the end of the month which would be awesome because I have never been there and it is far away. Still in Peru, though.
On Thursday we went out with Cesar´s friends after work. Oh! and we went to the best pasta place ever. There was this weird French family there who asked me if I spoke French when I went in to which I replied no. The dad was being very special and was like, no I dont want this dont want that etc and then he yelled- I AM FRENCH AND I ONLY DRINK WINE. Everyone was like, ok go back to France then. Then he asked me, what is your nationality. English, I said. And your boyfiend? Peruvian. Ohhhhh woman you dont know what you have got yourself into. Nice, right!
On Thursday I went to visit the host family I stayed with the past two years. We had something yummy which I can best describe as a slimy green case with meat olives tomato eggs and other random stuff packed inside, and you are supposed to eat the case too. With rice, of course. Alwayyyssss rice. Rosa traveled to Cuzco and Macchu Picchu and was showing me her photos. Looks like fun, but you need 1500 to 2000$ to go she said and that is a bit steep for me. Rosa took me to a dance and song performance that the public schools in her program were putting on. That was neat to see.
I will attach some photos now so that you will get more idea of my life. The first is Cesar in our kitchen dining room area which is almost empty haha. The other is Cesar´s friend Pedro hogging half of the photo when we went out on Thursday. The last is during the break between the two matches yesterday, the sun was out and man was it hot! As soon as we have money to travel the photos will be more interesting! love xxx

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  1. Glad Cesar's mother is settling in! :D

    That french guy though, LOL, ru sure he hadn't already had a considerable portion of wine b4 shouting that? I knew a French guy who would only drink Fireball Whiskey or this Lychee stuff. Didn't drink wine tho unless with a meal. :P

    Still jealous of your apartment....

    The picture of u and Cesar makes me smile :) lols