Friday, April 17, 2009

5 days to go!!

That is less than a week!! I received my pre-departure package today. I have a nice WUSC bag, a luggage tag, and lots of papers!

Here is my orientation schedule...when I arrive in Lima late on Wednesday I will stay the night there in San Isidro district. On Thursday I will meet the local partner, Mr. Escate, who will take me to the USACC office for a meeting and introduction / orientation. That afternoon I will head to Cajamarca, 16 hours on a bus! On Friday I will meet my host family and then later meet my bosses at ICPNA in Cajamarca, and that afternoon I have my first practice! Saturday I have orientation of Cajamarca and get to visit the city, and then I will meet with the man from Canada who is teaching at ICPNA right now.

I am so excited!!

3 exams down, 2 to go!

If you're interested in Students Without Borders or humanitarian issues, you should check out to see what groups and individuals across Canada are doing.

I am overwhelmed with the number of views on this blog already, thanks for being so interested in my adventure everybody! Feel free to leave me questions or comments at any time if you have something to say!!

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  1. wow... you're leaving in 4 days, good luck!!