Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Waiting in a labyrinth of chairs

Hi! I have made it safely to Toronto and am now waiting for my flight to Lima! The flight was a pretty good one and the lady next to me, Elise, was very friendly and we talked about her hitchhiking trip around England hahaha.
I walked about 2 miles around the airport because I am just that hopeless and the signs were very confusing. Oh, and one lady pointed me the wrong way which wasn't very helpful!
It is really dull waiting here, but at least I managed to snag a free wireless connection! It's a bit dodgy though...
I had poutine for lunch. I know, isn't that enthralling. I'm sure my posts will get more interesting than this. I hope.
Had a visa scare earlier as I don't have one because the Embassy of Peru told me that with my British passport I was fine without one for 6 months. Fingers crossed that Customs Peru grant me the 8 day extension. I am very nervous about it though...
Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Next blog post will be from Peru! Woot!

  2. Bumped into your folks and they pointed me this way...

    Great spot, will check in from time to time to catch up on your adventures...

    Good luck and great travels!

  3. Thanks! I am having a great time so far. I hope your travels are awesome as well!