Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Internet is back up!!

Yay, the internet is working again! Unfortunatly, I can´t seem to find anywhere to put my camera card. I will have to work on figuring out how to post pictures. Today I joined the Gym, it´s only 30 dollars for 3 months and it´s top of the range. I figure with all the extra consumption of food it´s a good idea, and also it´s a good way to spend time with my host mother. The people at the gym only speak Spanish so it´s very interesting. They took all my measurements, having a good laugh at my lack of arm muscles hahaha. The guy who owns the gym is French. It´s a going thing in Cajamarca that places look like nothing on the outside and are gorgeous inside. Tonight we are all going to the cinema to see this traditional Peruvian movie. It will be interesting to see how much I can understand.
For lunch we had loads of food again. We had a soup of some Peruvian thing which I cannot remember the name of, and juice of a Peruvian fruit which I also forget the name of. Then, we had rice, potatoes and onions, and these little pork things with corn. We have corn and rice everyday. They drink their juice warm here. Ít´s actually really good. Yesterday we had some Peruvian fruit juice that was similiar to apples warm for breakfast. This morning I went to the bank, which is apparently very time consuming. I waited in line for about an hour, and then when I finally got there they needed my passport. Oh, I forget to mention it took me about half an hour to find the bank. My host mother came with me when I went back so that I didn´t have to wait in line again. Finally I got the money so I could pay rent!
Oh, I forget to tell you the other clumsy stories which didn´t involve me. At the restaurant where I had more food than ever before in my life yesterday, Rosa (my host mum) knocked her Inka cola flying and I had to move because everything was soaked! Then at breakfast yesterday, the maid here, Irena, threw a glass across the room by accident. Then, on the way to the market today, Rosa tripped and almost wiped out on the street. This is actually not too hard to do, I am surpised I haven´t gone flying yet. There are big holes all over the place and you have to really watch where you are going!
I am so tired!! Rosa´s niece is here, she is about 4 and so sweet. I love how everyone here kisses you on the cheek when you arrive and when you leave. She came up and gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips she is so sweet!! It makes everyone feel more comfortable to greet each other in this way. I have been kissed so much this week! Anita and Luis were so happy to hear I was going on vacation with them, they are so welcoming.
This morning I did some preparation for my classes. It took me 2 hours to prepare one class! Good grief.
I have to say that so far I haven´t felt in any immediate danger. Sometimes I get a little nervous walking alone at night but apart from catcalls and whistles and people calling senorita, senorita, it´s been okay. I made a huge mistake on Sunday when two men called me over. They were dressed in uniform and I thought they were policemen so I thought I´d better go, but actually I think they were traffic wardens. It was okay and everything, we chatted for like 5 minutes, but then later when I was on my way to ICPNA again, the one guy was very flirty and though it´s possible his intentions were honourable I really doubt it. I told him I wasn´t interested and said ciao and ran away. Maybe not the best solution but my Spanish is limited and I didn´t want to give the wrong impression. I haven´t seen him since, which is great. I have since learned exactly what policmen wear so I will not be so stupid again.
I have my own key to the house, and I also have a lock on my bedroom door, so it is very safe.
I know I have more to tell you, but I don´t have time right now.
Hoping Canada or England is treating you well!
P.s. The food is typical to Peru

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  1. Glad all going well. Hope you dont become a whale your new cousin wont like you she likes penguins, Will keep following.xx