Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My name is hilarious

I had to go to the bank again today, and when I told the teller my name he laughed for 5 minutes. Then I told him my last name and he laughed for 5 more, no exaggeration. Apparently it´s a big joke because the tellers next to him started laughing too. It´s quite nice because the two tellers I had yesterday remembered me and were all smiley. Everyone here pronounces my name hey-ma. Hahaha.
The movie last night was very interesting. It was called La Teta Asustada, which translates literally to the scared tit, not Milk of Sorrow as it is called in English. It got its name from the children born in the terrorist years who lactated from the sacred milk of their mothers. A warning that you may not want to read the next part. The girl`s mother dies from disease caused by rape. So, the main girl puts a potato up her vagina to prevent being raped, which Rosa says is still a custom today in the poor parts of Lima. Rosa whispered some of what was going on to me which helped. It was a movie about the typical life of the poor people in Lima. They have all their weddings in one month of the year only. It was cool because I recognised the scenery from the bus ride here. (Luis is practicing his guitar and singing. It is very loud). The cinema was really big but we sat at the bottom because we were ten minutes late (which really didn´t help me with understanding the plot) and so my neck really hurt by the end! Parts of the movie were in Quechua so those parts had Spanish subtitles, which made it easier for me because I find it easier to read Spanish than to listen and understand it.
Before the movie last night 4 of Rosa´s friends came over to organise a mother-cousin thing for mother´s day. I had no idea they were coming so I was surprised to see the room full! She probably told me though, I just didn´t have a clue what she was saying. We had Baileys mixed with some really good Peruvian thing. As usual, the name escapes me. I just had a conversation with Rosa and we are doing something tomorrow morning to do with cosmetics and the central square in Cajamarca. I was so lost apart from that. We leave for Celedin at 1.
I gave one of the bracelets I made to Irena. She loved it. She is so lovely I actually managed to chat with her a bit today when Anita, Irena and I went to pick Luis up from his guitar lesson. She is coming with us to Celedin which is awesome!
Today I prepared a week of lessons for one class, but I have so much more preparing to do. Maybe I don´t want to be a teacher. Mind you, it would be easier if I didn´t have to translate everything into Spanish and would knock a few hours off of my preparations.
The gym today was brutal. However, for the 20 minutes I was on the treadmill I caught the Man U-Arsenal game, which was also painful. I told the trainer: muerto muerto (I am dying) but he just thinks I am a wuss. Which is actually true compared to all the fit Peruvian people.
This morning I went to the schools of the poor children in Cajamarca again with Rosa. We went to deliver the food for their breakfast for the next week. The kids were so happy to see it, which was wonderful. The bread they had been given for the past two days was so small. One of the mother´s is paid to make it by the rich school in Cajamarca (which Rosa´s kids go to) and it looks like she may have skimmed off some money. It is so sad. The kids have beautiful spirits, but they are surrounded by mangy animals and bugs and filth and have a fairly good chance of coming down with something.
Luis wants to watch guitar on Youtube now so I´ll write more later.
Ciao, Gemma
p.s. The pic is the outside of one of the schools.


  1. Cool pictures! The movie sounds like it was very... interesting haha. Have fun in Celedin, and good luck with the cosmetics and central square!
    - Ciao!

  2. It always seems that the most impoverished people have the kindest spirits. They appreciate everything and don't take anything for granted. We could all stand to learn a lot from those children!