Saturday, April 25, 2009


Cajamarca is very pretty. It is surrounded by the Andes and it is a colonial city so there is a lot of Spanish architecture. I can´t say I enjoyed the 16 hours on a bus to get here though. At some points we were so close to the edge of the mountains that I couldn´t see the road anymore!! At other points it was nothing more than a gravel track and very bumpy. However, Juan got us first class tickes for some reason so it is the most classy trip I have ever taken. The scenery was stunning at times but I didn´t take too many pictures because I was too busy puking up the entire contents of my stomach. Charming, I know. I was actually happy to only have a throwing up kind of travel sickness as the toilet on the bus was ¨solamente para urinar¨ and the trip was 16 hours. The driver said if you should have other needs, you have to tell him so they can find a stop and the whole bus stops for you. How embarrassing would that be!! Apparently nobody had to do that though. Driving out of Lima we could see the poverty really well. The ¨houses¨ are really colourful though because they had a huge painting houses campaign to make everything prettier as a lot of tourists go to the top of the mountains to see the whole city. Lima is massive with 8 million people spanning 50 km long and 15 km wide. I can´t say í am a big fan though. I much prefer Cajamarca, which seems like more of a community although it still has about 300,000 people. Juan had a hotel picked out for us, but it was 80 soles a night which is a bit much, so Miranda found a guesthouse in her handy Peru book from lonely planet. It is only 20 soles per night and we share a room. I think it is quaint. It took 15 minutes before I could get any hot water in the shower though and when I say hot I mean a little bit warm. There is not much water that comes out of the showerhead either- but it is okay. We have a balcony which looks over the square.
I have to go now but I have lots more to say- we are going for lunch, I will write more later.
Hasta pronto!
ps. the pic is the Plaza de Armas in Cajamarca

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