Monday, June 15, 2009

Bits and pieces

Well, finally the internet is back up but we have a new computer and it keeps crashing. So I get really annoyed and my emails are all really short because if I take too long the computer crashes and I lose everything. Blogger saves stuff every 3minutes though so this should be okay.
I have a cute little new telephone. It was a reasonable price.
On Saturday Irene and I were both sick after lunch. We think the fish must have been bad. It was awful. I was fine teaching in the morning but as soon as I got to ICPNA after lunch I felt all woozy and I was shaking while I taught and I had to actually sit down and teach because I felt so faint and then I had to run to the bathroom where I puked up the entire contents of my stomach. It got in my hair which is gross and I had to continue teaching afterwards. I washed it in the bathroom but I still felt awful teaching. It´s only the third time I´ve been sick in Peru but being sick at work is awful.
Yesterday morning I went to Porcon, which is sort of like a hutterite colony in that all the people work for the community and it´s religious, except that people get paid so they can have lots of possessions. They all get the same pay, 500 soles a month, like 180 dollars which is awful but something at least. There was like a mini zoo type thing and I sat on a llama. Haha. I took gravol so that I wouldn´t be sick on the bus but then I felt really tired haha.
In the afternoon I went to the cinema to see Up with Antonio and his really cute little sisters and his mum and Oswar, his friend from Spain. It was in Spanish but I understood most of it and it was so cute. The girls loved it they were laughing the whole time. After, we played on the dance machines at the arcade. There were these two boys there who were so good at it, but they weren´t dancing it looked like they were having seizures their legs were going all over the place! Antonio and Oswar were really good at it, they breakdanced together before. They showed me some moves. It´s pretty awesome but I´ll never beable to balance like that! haha!!!
Well, I´m off to the gym now. My midterm exams are today, I hope all my students get 100! Some wish!
Maybe today I will have a chance to buy jeans. I´ve been wanting to for a while because my one pair has broken pockets from overwearing them.
Ciao pals, take care!!


  1. Not exactly that Greek guy sitting with his hand on his chin but right idea. What a beautiful country to hike in. Nice haircut by the way. Jumped ahead of myself about you being on the end of things - only about 1/2 way through. Classes sound kinda tough but nice to be able to go out too. maybe not so bad off either earning what you do compared to those that you were talking about. Anyway, take care.

  2. Hi Gemma, have only just worked out how to leave you a message! Really enjoying reading your blogs, keep up the good work,

  3. Yeah, Peru is gorgeous. I love my Sunday´s off!! It´s awesome to be able to travel a bit. I know that I´m very very fortunate and I´m working hard to make up for it.
    Cheers, Ann!
    Take care.