Monday, June 1, 2009

The Unborn

So, last night I went to cinema to watch The Unborn, which was in English with Spanish subtitles. Man was I ever freaked out because I am such a baby with horror movies. But, I did manage to correctly predict the outcome in the first 5 minutes. I should write horror movies. It took me about 4 hours to fall asleep last night though because it made me think so much. Good grief. Although, it makes me laugh how horror movies always have similar predictable things, like the girl who sees a ghost and then wanders off into the woods on her own or the lights always going off when someone is going to die or the girl who opens the door when the bell rings even when she looks outside and sees nobody there. I mean, if it were me I´d be running away as fast as possible, but these horror movie people seem to enjoy the most dangerous route possible.
In the afternoon yesterday I went to Santa Apolonia with Heber. A little kid wanted to tell me the history so he did and Heber helped me understand where I had no clue what was going on. He was such a cute kid. I think I might have mentioned before how much I love Santa Apolonia. I spoke in Spanish pretty much the whole time and Heber understood most of it. Yay!!
I forgot to mention that in Chiclayo in the Psychology session the lady asked a question in Spanish and after I answered she asked how old I was and then did this, oh right rolling eyes thing. I hate how some people dismiss my answers because of my age. I don´t think that it´s fair, especially since I have met a lot of people here who are older than me but seem so much younger and totally clueless about life. I worked pretty hard to get the respect of my students after telling them my age. The first few classes I had the "what could she possibly teach me" attitude from a few of my students, especially the older ones, but by the end of the cycle I had the same students telling me that they would be signing up for my class this cycle.
Antonio has informed me that some of his friends told him to stop hanging out with me because I am a common white girl. Well, isn´t that nice. His friends don´t even know me. But, I am now used to the attitude that many people here have to white people and I´m not too fond of the rude men here either. I prefer the people who are my friends and don´t care at all about the colour of my skin or my age. Antonio told me he doesn´t care what his friends say and that they are ignorant, which I think is pretty true.
Despite the negatives I am actually having the time of my life and am sad that I only have two more cycles to teach.
On Saturday after work I am going to see Alborada in concert, they are a group of native people here who sing traditional songs. I am pretty pumped. I have a DVD of them that I have watched and they are pretty original. In two weeks I am going to go to Porcon and I am pumped because I have heard so many times how awesome it is!
My legs are so itchy in the minefield of mosquito bites.
I am pretty happy to be going to the gym after almost a week because I think I won´t be able to life the same weights anymore. It´s discouraging if I have to go down again. I will have to work hard.
arrr there was something else but I can´t remember what it was...
Well, the pics are of my roomate, Pilar, Ray and I at the restaurant and then just of Pilar and I in the Plaza De Armas of Chiclayo.
Un abrazo,


  1. From being indignant to raving about your new surroundings - see things do work out one way or another. You must get the first from your Mom' side of the family. Your schedule sounds really hectic or is that just the writing syle? You want to take care of yourself and not get too exhausted. You think it's bad when your students think they know it all - you should see some of mine who are considerably younger and act and speak that way. You are on the downhill side of your time in Peru - hard to believe. stay safe and Cheers, Me

  2. Haha, yes I am a paintpot of emotions. But really, everything is all good. Haha, Mum isn´t indignant she is honest. My schedule is somewhat busy yes, but I am far from exhaustion don´t worry. I prefer teaching adults to children, but on Saturday I have Juniors (around age 12) for 4 1/2 hours in a row. Not fun. I do my best to stay safe! Cheers!