Monday, June 29, 2009


because this cycle I have like, no classes. There are maybe 6 new teachers and I guess since I´m leaving and they are staying they get the classes. It sucks because I have students who I´ve taught for two months and now I don´t have them. At least I still have my favourite class though for Basic-3. And I do teach from 8-8 on Saturday. But I really want more than one evening class. At least I have my private tutoring too so I won´t be too bored. The problem is that my family is going to Lima for a week and a half in the middle of this month and if I don´t have classes and my friends are working I´m not sure what I will do. I guess I will start looking for a Spanish class or something to fill time. Maybe if I go to ICPNA and beg for more classes... that´s not very attractive. Hm.My contract forbids me from going to another instition for work. That´s too bad because I know of other places where I could work and get hours teaching English. But I won´t break my contract. I´m sad that I don´t get to teach my students for the last month. :( Maybe I will get to sub lots. But it´s not the same.
Other than that, things are going well. This month of teaching was amazing!! I loved it.
It´s a national holiday today so the gym is closed. No muscles for me.
Oh! Irene lied to me about her age. She is 21, not 18. Also, she lied to me about having a son. She has no son, Luis (who´s a doctor) gives her contraceptives. I was all concerned to Rosa about when she has time to be with her son and she said, what, she doesn´t have a kid! I´ve asked Irene so many times how her son is!!! I don´t like lies. Especially stupid lies like that.
Last night I had Chinese food. It was very good.
I think I am going to go for a walk now because I am restless.
Ciao chicos!

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  1. Sorry havent posted for a while finding time when charley asleep minimal. Good its all going so well. shame your classes are reducing. You will have to give us lessons when you visit!!!!!!!Charleys first word could be daddy in spanglish. Love aunty Mary