Thursday, June 25, 2009

Confusion and stress.

Okay, so at ICPNA there is a big sign that says Mier. 24 last day of classes. So, like an idiot, I thought that meant yesterday was the last day of class. I was wrong. For most classes it was the last day, but for Reg.2 I have class on Friday. So all my students came to class ( a rare thing when all 26 come) ready to write the exam yesterday and I was told I wasn´t allowed to give it until Friday. I said, do you want to tell my students that because I sure don´t. So I took a deep breath walked into my class and told my students and they responded with outrage, and I don´t blame them. I was pretty angry myself. Then about 10 of them said they were travelling and couldn´t write the exam on Friday. It´s natural because we all thought we had a week off, so of course lots of people are going on holiday. So I did something bad and decided we´d write the exam anyway, because everyone wanted to and because I think that as teachers we have to facilitate the students who are paying, and not them us. If half the class can´t make it to write the exam on Friday that´s no good. I can´t fail students over a misunderstanding. Hopefully nobody at ICPNA finds out and I don´t get into trouble over this but I have to take my morals over the rules. I am really happy that I don´t have to travel to Chiclayo though. It´s so tiring because you don´t get any sleep for like 48 hours and I don´t need that. Maybe I´m a terrible teacher for letting my students write the exam yesterday but in life we make choices and I made mine for my students, not for me. Unless someone from ICPNA reads my blog we should be okay.
Yesterday was my co-workers birthday so we had a little party in the office with cake and stuff, and the head cahuna boss from Chiclayo was there. It was nice but weird because we all had class and our students were waiting. I left a bit early because I felt bad about it.
Apparently this cycle there´s going to be a break from 6-6:30 where we all have to sit in the office and socialize to help the non-native speakers with their fluency. It´s a nice idea but it means I´ll have class until later and get less sleep. Well, that´s life I guess.
This morning I had a student who needed to make up his exam so I went to ICPNA early and handed in my exams and marks and waited while he wrote his. It was weird because I´ve been subbing for Delicia and her exams were yesterday. The secretary had all the marks for the kids which is impossible because I have the exams. So whatever, I gave her the exams but I don´t understand how the kids have grades.
Today I am doing private tutoring again. And tomorrow.
Last night I went out for Chinese food after work, to desress with Inca Cola. I was sick all night. It was awful. Not going there again. But the food was soooo good!
Irene is back today.
The TV fell off the wall. That´s not good!
Today my friend is going to teach me how to dance Cumbia. Should be fun!
Maybe I won`t look so stupid when Cumbia´s playing at the clubs now!
I can´t believe I only have one cycle of classes left at ICPNA!!! How totally sad! ICPNA here is expanding. They want 15 teachers, now there is about 9. There is totally a job for me here if I stay. But I can´t.
Haha, one teacher is heavily pregnant and the head boss asked Geraldine and I if we were thinking of going the same way. I think not! We said not for a longgg time thank you. Better to be young and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The other teacher is 30 so it´s different.
Last night there wasn´t any water. So that wasn´t too nice.
Yesterday for lunch we had green spaghetti. It was vair vair good!
I am tired.
Keep writing me amigos!
P.s. Look, it´s me teaching. haha.


  1. Awesome Gemma! I love reading these. You made the right decision in my opinion. I would have done the same and let the students write on Thursday.

  2. Look at you - a blossoming teacher at the board.
    You did the right thing. Hopefully you won't get expelled for diplomatic reasons. Haa. you've been very busy. That does sound weird about the marks. Things happen and its good not to worry about it. I can taste the end of the uyear here. The students are in the middle of our annual Gr 5 Addition Tournament so better get back to them and keep things in check.
    Cheers, me