Friday, June 26, 2009

I hope that you can ignore how attractive my nose isn´t from that angle. Haha.
I really have nothing much to say, but I miss my classes at ICPNA, not just teaching but my students too. One day off and I miss class. How will I ever survive in Canada? I do not know. Yesterday I tutored physics but it was hard because the kids were not in the mood to study. Here are some photos from when Juan came to see my class. The other pic is me in the courtyard of the church and art gallery in the old hospital. Yesterday for lunch we had yuccas again. They are sooo dry. I have to concentrate on chew chew chew and swallow because I am accustomed to food with more flavour and wetness.
I love Spanish music. I am pretty much in love with the song Mientes Tan Bien by Sin Bandera. Check it out is lovely.
I am now a salsa dancing champion. No, just kidding. I´m awful. I find it hard to let the male lead me, I am used to taking control. Haha.
Michael Jackson died!! And so did Farrah Fawcett. My word. But Michael Jackson will live on forever in his music. He is a legend let´s face it, even if he may have done some messed up things.
My hands are freezing from typing. Haha.
Oh! Haha, the other day when my students came in to kiss me as normal this one student stopped and said, high five! Hahahahahaha. How very very strange.
I can´t believe I only have one month left in Cajamarca. I have to stop thinking about this I will start bawling.
Take care!


  1. Hey Gems,
    I changed my mind. I am going to tell you some things now because I'll likely forget by the time you get back to Canada. Anyway here goes:
    1. The new WUSC student has been confirmed and the welcome package has been sent to Kenya. His name is Ahmed Abdirizak Sheik. He is from the one of the Dadaab camps. Aden says we should call him Abdi, but I guess we will find out for sure when he gets here.
    2. WUSC invited me to present in Ottawa at the Annual General Assembly! I am super stoked. They said that BU really stood out in terms of thier local committee and how they support their students. Yay us! I told them that you are loving your SWB placement and they are trying to get you in to present too. Presenting means you get all of your expenses paid by WUSC Head Office. That in turn means that we can send more of our students out of our budget! Yay! Here's hoping they find something for you to present on as well.
    3. Aden has started driving lessons and he is learning to ride a bike!
    4. I am moving departments so I won't be working in the res office anymore. I will be down by Betty's office, but just down the hall. I will be the Psych and Math & Comp Sci Office Assistant. I am super excited for the change!
    5. I need you to help me learn Spanish! My boyfriend and I are planning on taking off to Argentina in a little under two years (granted we are still together). We are going to teach English and live down there for a while. We plan to take Spanish lessons, but I was thinking you would be super to help us speak it!
    Ok that's it for now!

  2. Safe trip to the next student, awesome news!
    Wow, it is awesome that you are presenting, you deserve that honour. What is the topic? How BU WUSC supports students?
    I hope Aden is doing well with driving.
    Wow! A change, that´s exciting, but how will they replace you in the res office? Good for you to do something for yourself. Change keeps life interesting. And WOW! You are going to teach in Argentina!! That will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I can help you with the Spanish that I know but really I am not that good, I think that when I return and don´t have to speak it anymore I will forget. I want to take Spanish lessons when I get back too, so I can improve and when I return here I will be fluent. Maybe. And you have to think that you will be with your boyfriend, but if you aren´t you should still go because Latin men are very romantic and you can find a boyfriend here. Actually, they´ll come and find you, by the buckets. Ánd they can dance, sing, and play the guitar, etc.
    Take care!