Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes, found it!

I found my lip chap. So, now my lips won´t be chapped anymore. I wanted to start your day off with good, exciting news that will probably change your life forever. You´re welcome.
Yesterday when I was at the gym there was a parade so I went to watch it. Today is a special day, being summer solstice here. It´s Inti Raymi, a celebration of the sun, which is why my boss is in Cusco I guess. Lucky her, sounds like an awesome thing. Apparently Camaron Diaz is there too. Thank you google, for your useless information. It´s also San Juan, this celebration about a feast. Yeah, that´s about as much as I understood in Spanish but you can google it in English and read about Cameron Diaz if you want.
Apparently Irene is coming back to work tomorrow. At least she´s okay.
Oh, I don´t have more time to write we are going to the gym now.
Well, at least you don´t have to read an essay today.
Take care!
Look, Arroz Cubano

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