Friday, June 19, 2009

I want to break free!

This song has become my National Anthem for Peru because it´s always playing, at the gym, in the clubs, in stores, and I love it.
Yesterday I went to tutor this little boy and it was really fun. He is so intelligent! He has an exam today though so I hope it goes well. Today I´m going to tutor him again but another mum heard about it so I´m tutoring her son too at the same time. I hope they aren´t too rambunctious!
So, I´d just like to say that on my midterm for Reg.2 ten students scored 100. Wow!! And it´s not like the test was easy, I´m the mean kind of teacher who likes to challegne my students. I´m happy happy happy about that!
Today the new teacher is going to teach my Pre-3 class. I think she´ll be really good because she seems like a lot of fun. Good for my students!
I have to plan my class for tomorrow morning. It´s my longggg day of teaching after which I´ll be ready to sleep but instead I will go clubbing with Geraldine from work and her friends and my friends, so it should be a good time!
My family told me I have to cook them a traditional Canadian plate. I told them there really isn´t any such thing because Canada is a mix of hundreds of different cultures. There´s poutine, but that´s a French Canadian thing, there´s bannock, but that´s a Native Canadian thing, there´s perogies, but those are Ukranian, etc. Any ideas? Caesar Salad? Haha, it´s easy at least.
Yesterday after work I went to Mister Chopps again to watch music videos. That was fun. There was this really sad one in Japanese, all the girls were practically crying. Haha.
I can´t believe there is only 5 more days in this cycle. Where is the time going? Slow down time!!!!
Happy Father´s Day for Sunday all the Dad´s out there!
I have marking to do, and then I´m going to the gym. Maybe, today, I will finally have time to buy jeans. That would be nice.
Irene is going to Celendin too so I will be home alone for tomorrow and Sunday. Wooohooo house party. No, I am joking. I would never do that, it would be wrong on so many levels. Fun though.
I think Dad would like it here because they are always playing 80s music!
It is hot here now in the days. Summer is hereeee and my nose is peeling. Nice.
I love Inca Cola!!
Ciao chicas!
The pic is proof of my outstanding students!

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  1. Now come on Gemma, you are British so why don't you cook a British dish like Toad in the Hole or bangers and mash for example!!!Yorkshire Puddings, Scotch eggs, the list can go on!!! Let me know what you decide and if you need help with the ingredients and quantity.
    Well done with the marks your students got. Keep up the good work.
    Love Mum