Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yup, I just went to ICPNA to hand in my exams from Saturday afternoon and Delicia gave me another class. So I´m pretty happy because now I get to work at ICPNA on Tuesdays and Thursdays too! My Reg. 3 class is only 3 days a week because it is longer. I actually only have slightly less work to do now than last cycle because I´m private tutoring 6 days a week too. Granted, the class is Juniors who can be horrible if you get a bad Junior class. Hopefully I get a class of sweet and calm adolescents. But I am actually really happy that I get to work more! Hey, maybe when I´m there at 7 and don´t have class again until 8 they´ll be like, hey want another class to fill the gap? It´s unlikely, but I can hope! Yayyayyay I get to teachh!!
Last night I went to watch Terminator in Spanish. When we got to the mall there was Karaoke in the food court. There were a lot of great songs and singers in Spanish. Then two white people got up to sing Beat it and they crucified the song. Like, maybe you couldn´t actually recognize the song if there weren´t words, and they were also dancing, really badly. But they thought they were excellent. When it was over another two from their group came and sang Thriller, equally as dreadfully. The crowd ran away. And then, after they totally ruined the only songs that were sung in English they were like, we´re from CANADA!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I slid down in my seat hoping to hide the fact that I was white, haha. I felt I had to assure my friends that I am in fact British after that declaration. The handy part of being international, I can choose my country depending on the least embarrasing nationality of the moment. People wonder why everyone here thinks white people can´t sing and dance... well this is why. Also, I´ve never really noticed just how long Michael Jackson songs are. I said to my friends, perhaps it´s a good thing that Michael Jackson is dead. Then my friend sang Mientes Tan Bien very very well and a huge crowd came to watch, and he won a pillow for his mother. It was amazing. All he has to do is sing and the women flock around. Hahahaha, what a gift. I must be accustomed to the Peruvian money now because I complain when a large pizza costs 10 dollars, like that is really really expensive or smething. It seems like a lot to pay 31 soles for something. I am going to be even cheaper when I return, haha.
So, about 2 seconds into Terminator we realised that we had, in fact, already watched Terminator. HAHAHA. But it was good because I understood more the second time. I saw a lot of my students at the theatre and Geraldine and her husband too. Yes, she is married. Wow. It really puts things into perspective because she is two months younger than me and I have no desire to get married at all. It´s funny because some students are very friendly and like hey profe and come and chat for a long time in Spanish which I understand maybe half of when they rabbit on really fast, and others are like, oh my god, our teacher actually has a life outside of ICPNA? They whisper, hi miss and run away. Hahahaha. The cinema isn´t as bad as when I see students clubbing though, that´s a little awkward. Here, Miss is a synonym for teacher.
Haha, I thought Ana had exams today so I wished her good luck and she was like, I don´t have exams until August. I said, oh well early good luck then. Whoops...
I can´t believe I am 19 in one month. I can´t believe I won´t even be in Peru in one month. Yesterday in the taxi to the gym Rosa and I were talking about me leaving and almost in hysterics, I think the cabbie was a little worried. Oh, I can now push 45 kgs at a 45 degree angle into the air with my feet 75 times. Yesssirrr! I don´t want to be 19, it´s way better being 18. Not that I could possibly know that, but I think it´s better. I really need to book my trip to Lima. I haven´t decided if I´m going to take the bus or fly yet. 17 hours on the bus is pretty close to what you might imagine of hell but flying is more expensive.
Oh, this week we have another lady in the house, her name is Sandy and she is the daughter of Ana and Luis´ Godmother. She is 20 and very nice.
Today, the kids I private tutor have an English exam, so I hope it goes well because if not that will reflect badly on me. Although we´ve been doing a lot of science. I am even learning some stuff about physics, which is pretty sad if you think about it. Okay, maybe it´s not learning new, but it´s reviewing stuff I forgot.
Oh, I just wanted to let you all know that my sister is a genius with an average over 80%, and she even took pre-cal. That´s right, go Katie!!!!!!! She also has this awesome orange shirt that I am going to steal to wear on my birthday when I return.
It´s not bad because she has the full run of my closet, which she probably doesn´t use `cause she has nicer clothes than me. I may be somewhat fashion impaired, oh maybe just cheap. Haha. I have the urge to buy a dress. It feels like dress wearing weather and I don´t have one. Maybe I will go sometime.
Yesterday, we had soup with popcorn. I love it. It´s the kind of mad thing I would do, but here it is normal.
I know, there´s no such thing at normal really, but that´s a philosophy I won´t go into now.
Hoping all is well with you and yours,
Ciao from a happier me than yesterday!!!

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  1. Hi Gemma,
    Where to start - with your nose, your upcoming birthday, or the good news about your new classes. Hmmm, well the nose does kind of stick out (but not too bad) Just kidding. And turning 19, wow, I'll leave that one up to you. Great to hear your happy about the experiences you're having - new friends, getting teaching experience, and seeing some terrific parts of the country and culture. We just got back from a get together to celebrate Canada Day at a friends and they even had some fireworks so that was kind of neat. Schools out and already have a long list of things to do as the summer holiday starts. Did see Katie at undergrads and she did herself proud. by the way, if you haven't already guessed it's Terry.I've enjoyed following your journey and hope you don't mind that Mom let me in on how to leave you comments. Keep up the blog - your quirky writing has been fun to follow and has made some long school days end with a smile.
    Take care (and spend the money to fly to Lima, you won't regret it)