Monday, July 6, 2009

HAPPY TEACHER`S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, so today is teacher´s day in Peru so there are no classes. Just a joke, there are always classes at ICPNA! I told my students in Reg.3 to bring cake but I don´t think they will. Haha.
On Saturday, after what seemed like a very longggg day of classes, the staff went out for supper to celebrate today. It was so cold though because it was pouring down and the restaurant was like a barn with massive doors. The tech guy at ICPNA and I took a taxi to the wrong place so we had to walk a bit, but the road to the restaurant was dirt and it was wet and I was wearing a skirt and my flats from work so they are absolutely filthy now. Nice stuff. Not many teachers actually went to the supper though, which is a shame. The supper went until 10:30 and then I went to party with my friends. Yesterday I slept. Haha, no in the morning I went to my private tutoring and in the afternoon I went to Baños Del Inca. Combis are kind of fun to take when the doorboy isn´t too rude about pushing you off and pulling you on. Hahahaha. Ice age 3 was sooo cute! And I actually understood it in Spanish. It´s amazing that I´m not taking any classes or studying the language or anything but I understand so much more now than when I arrived. My speech is lacking but that´s okay. I also went on the dance machine, so that was fun! And I had chocolate coated ice cream. I need to go to the gym today I think!
So in my morning class on Saturday it was weird because the secretary came and told me that Gwen, the new teacher from the states, was going to be talking to my class because it was Indepedance Day and ICPNA is partnered with the U.S.. Gwen was told there would be a video and a book and stuff but there was nothing. So she tried to explain to my class about the day but it was only pre basic 4 so she had to slow down and lot and speak some Spanish in the end. Then, they brought in sandwiches and juice. So that was okay, but we were all done and they brought in kebabs. My students and I were ready to leave but we stayed and ate the kebabs. We were just about ready to go and they brought in these dried meat things. My students found this very funny. And then, when we thought we were free they brought in desserts. So thats very nice and everything but it was about 1 when I finally left ICPNA so my lunch break was cut short and I was tired by the time 8 rolled around. I was worried first thing in the morning when I had no students and I thought I wouldnt have class. But then a huge mob arrived and I had to change classroom. There are 25 students which is amazing for a class from 8 to 12:30 on a Saturday. All my classes have more than 9 students which means I wont have to pay anything this month. Good!!
Today I am subbing again so will be working 4=10. Thats good because I like to teach. I just dont want to teach my Juniors class. I want my Reg.2 class!!! I saw them on Friday and they were all like, teacher what happened? I was so sad I want to teach them!! Sometimes classes are sort of like families, especially when you see them for an hour every day. Tearsssssss.... Haha. How am I going to last in Canada?
Have I mentioned how I love that I am always seeing people I know now. It is awesome!! Especially since I have been doing lots of subbing, its nice to go out and see people I know. I feel like a part of the community. It is especially nice when children come and hug me on the street! Sometimes I dont recognize them though, especially if I only subbed them once or twice and there was 25 of them and one of me. I have dropped my cell phone so many times I am surprised it still functions. Just sent it flying again.
I have a bruise on my head and I dont remember why. Hmmm.
Well, classes to plan and body to get back in to shape. I dont know if I mentioned this but I am still VERY very white. How sad!
Take care chicos!!

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